My goal in this one-day project is to make a useful product that can be donated for kids in need.

My hopes for this one-day sewing donation is to learn and improve my hand sewing skills.

Define and Inquire


Since it is winter now and we have big winter jackets but at the same time, there are also many children suffering in the cold. So I think that if we all help do something for them they can be warm and comfortable too. We decided that making things that can be useful for them will be the best to make and give form us.

But time might be a big limit for us since it is only a one-day project some of our product might need more time than others do so project unfinished is a limited problem for us now. Another problem is that when you need to make something when you’re still in the prosses of learning might be another difficult thing to do as learners in sewing. Other than limited for time, another thing is that the materials that we have could be a limitation for us.


This project is all going to give to a charity and donating to children that need this to keep warm throughout the winter.


In order to do these for donations, I need to learn to sew and learn about the materials what we need to make winter wears for the children. Also, we can get inspirations from the internet, look up for pictures and videos to learn how to make different winter wears.