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Define market and initial idea


This is a picture that inspired me.

Our idea is to make bags that are made out of linen, there can be many different designs on it. The reason we want to use linen because linen is an Eco-Friendly material, its stronger than cotton which makes it sustainable, and its biodegradable.  Now our ideal customers are mainly MS students but it can also be some teachers and parents.

River Field Study – Data Collection 6


We went to the Wen Yu River for a field study, April 8th Monday. We notice the weather’s warmer, green is coming along with spring, flowers all over the place, it is spring.



In April, the numbers of human impact that is found around the big tree were only 2 pieces last time but 2 more this time which is 4 pice, but comparing the data to the first time the human impact has really decreased (first time: 24/ this time: 4). There are a lot of changes happening to compare to each time and the first time. We’ve really seen the changes happening to the plants, the river, the weather, we notice that there was fence added around the river and some pathways made from people talking. It is very interesting to see, notice, compare and wonder the data we’ve collected throughout.

This is the graph for the Glass Patch.

This is the graph for the Big Tree.

This is the graph for the Mushroom Tree.


Next time we collect data, I wonder will there be more mosquitos, small insects or birds because since it is getting closer and closer to summer I wonder when will it start coming out. I also wonder if there will be more grass and different flowers there next time.

Absoulute Freedom Of Speech And Limited Speech

For this Absolute Freedom Of Speech and Limited Speech, I made this information graphic to show my understanding in both Absolute Freedom Of Speech and Limited Speech. It shows my understanding around their believes, what they care and what they want.

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

Today, 2019, March 8th we went to the WenYu River and collected data on our three sites. The purpose of this trip is to collect data on how it has changed throughout this year of school, fro the start to the end. I notice that the site has changed a lot since the last time we went.

This is the data table that is up to date.

In March, the mushrooms on the mushroom tree got 8 more than last time we went which is January (Last time: 71, This time: 79). Also, the number of glass we’ve found in the Glass Patch got 45 more than last time (Last time: 153, This time: 198). The last site is The Big Tree, we’ve noticed that the pieces of human impact that we can find weren’t as much, we can only find 2 pieces but the first time we went there we can find 24 pieces. 

I notice that there are less human impact around The Big Tree, more mushrooms growing on The Mushroom Tree, more glass pieces found in The Glass Patch.

Next time we collect data, I wonder will the trees and leaves start growing back because I notice that spring is coming.

Make it: Reflection

One of the challenges for me was to put on the wheels onto the skateboard, I asked for help and put on the wheels. Another challenge for me was to spray paint the black on the front side of my skateboard, because of the paint we need to spray paint it in a distance so can’t be too close and can’t be too far away, it was kind of hard to control the distance.

Some skills that I developed was how to spray paint correctly and to put on wheels on a skateboard. A highlight for me this week is  • What was the highlight for you this week?

Express it: Create & Improve

During this create processes I found that the idea pray painting the front to black did work well, it saved time, also something didn’t work well is that taping the edges of each triangle takes too long to tape then color the inside. During the improve processes I decided to color each triangle first and then color the background black so if there is something I missed or did wrong while painting the triangles I can fix it after when I’m painting the black background and it really saved time for me.

This is the back side of my skateboard

This is the front side of my skateboard

Something that is challenging for me is to color the thin edges of the triangles with black paint. But after I covered up some of the edges of the triangles so that I won’t paint into the triangles. The prototype helped me when I drew the triangles and it helped me to measure how big the words should be or is it in the center.

Make It: Expresses It

Some of the materials I use are tape, some color acrylic painter, the plane skateboard and a transform paper to transform my design on the graft to the board.

These are some pictures of the materials and my board.

This is two of the colors that I am using to color the triangles.

This is the tape that I use to cover up the edges of the triangles when I paint it.

This is my board now.

To generate ideas, I looked up pictures that others did online and choose a pattern and colors.

Masterpiece with a Massage – Define and Inquire

Who is Skateistan? What do they do? Why do they do?

  • Skateistan is a program that provides combining skateboarding and education to children and youth in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

This is the Skateisant website that you might want to see if you want to know more about skateistan.

How can you create a custom skate deck?

  • We are going to create the skate deck using paint markers and draw different design on to it.

What ideas inspire you?

These are some of the pictures that inspired me.

These are some of the pictures that inspired me.

These are some of the pictures that inspired me.

These are some of the pictures that inspired me.

This is two design that I drew.

These are the two design that I drew.

These are the two design that I drew.

What areas of this project do you think will be challenging? Why?

  • I think that making the sketch on the skateboard might be a challenging thing for me because I need to draw everything I designed in the right place on the skateboard without changing anything.
  • Another thing I felt challenging is when I need to choose from different very nice designs.

Sewing for donation Create and Improve/ Reflection

Create and Improve:


I created this baby blanket that has white sides on each side.


This is my final product.


During the project create I first made the two short sides but after I was done I figured out that one of the sides wasn’t as it should be so I decided to redo the side and although it took me longer than I was planning I still enjoyed the time of learning.

This is a closer look at the edges I sewed.


I was improving my plan by looking at videos online and searching for different sewing patterns.

These are some example ideas that I found online.


I think I did well on learning how to sew on a machine and making my product when I was still learning.

I learned how to sew and work with a machine also I learned how to undo the sewings that I had finished.

A challenge that I  faced was to learn how to use a sewing machine and also make my product with it. Another challenge that faced was that I needed to finish my product just in one day and that I needed to change and redo some of the mistakes that I made which took a long time.

I think that One-day is important because during One-day we can focus on one thing that we are doing or making for a whole day which means that there is more time to make the product also we can be choosing one of our favorite things that we would like to do all day so it makes the day fun and exciting.

Sewing for donation Develop and Plan

Develop and plan

I am looking forward to make a double-sided baby blanket that has two different colors on each side. In order to make a blanket, I will need soft fluffy texture material and  I need two colors to make each side.I hope to sew the side together and maybe if I have time I can make decorations from knitting or crocheting. Also, after sewing the two sides together I will sew the edge with the other color or texture. Another option is to knit or crochet the edge together. In order to do all these things, I need to learn how to sew with sewing machine.


– Soft, fluffy texture material( two colors)

–  Sewing machine

– Maybe knit or crochet decoration

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