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River Field Study – Data Collection 6


We went to the Wen Yu River for a field study, April 8th Monday. We notice the weather’s warmer, green is coming along with spring, flowers all over the place, it is spring.



In April, the numbers of human impact that is found around the big tree were only 2 pieces last time but 2 more this time which is 4 pice, but comparing the data to the first time the human impact has really decreased (first time: 24/ this time: 4). There are a lot of changes happening to compare to each time and the first time. We’ve really seen the changes happening to the plants, the river, the weather, we notice that there was fence added around the river and some pathways made from people talking. It is very interesting to see, notice, compare and wonder the data we’ve collected throughout.

This is the graph for the Glass Patch.

This is the graph for the Big Tree.

This is the graph for the Mushroom Tree.


Next time we collect data, I wonder will there be more mosquitos, small insects or birds because since it is getting closer and closer to summer I wonder when will it start coming out. I also wonder if there will be more grass and different flowers there next time.

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

Today, 2019, March 8th we went to the WenYu River and collected data on our three sites. The purpose of this trip is to collect data on how it has changed throughout this year of school, fro the start to the end. I notice that the site has changed a lot since the last time we went.

This is the data table that is up to date.

In March, the mushrooms on the mushroom tree got 8 more than last time we went which is January (Last time: 71, This time: 79). Also, the number of glass we’ve found in the Glass Patch got 45 more than last time (Last time: 153, This time: 198). The last site is The Big Tree, we’ve noticed that the pieces of human impact that we can find weren’t as much, we can only find 2 pieces but the first time we went there we can find 24 pieces. 

I notice that there are less human impact around The Big Tree, more mushrooms growing on The Mushroom Tree, more glass pieces found in The Glass Patch.

Next time we collect data, I wonder will the trees and leaves start growing back because I notice that spring is coming.

January Field Study Collections- 4

What was the date? Where did you go? What was the purpose of the trip?

Today, January 25th we went to the field again to collect data. The purpose of this trip is to collect different data from different times in a year and look at the difference between each time.

This is one of the pictures of the mushroom tree that I took today at field study.

This is another picture i took at field study today.

This is how the big tree looks today.

This is what it took around the big tree now.

This is how the glass patch looks now.

This is the data table that has all the data today.

In January, the mushrooms on the mushroom tree decree from 101 to now only 71. Also, the big tree, we notice that there are no leaves left anymore on the tree, the color of the bark is still dark brown but the human impact around the tree decreased not much but from 9 to 6. Other than that, at the glass patch, the number of glass has decreased from 233 to only 153, also we notice that the ground around it is now flatter and packed comparing to before that is softer than now.  I notice that all the data has decreased compared to times we’ve been before. Next time we collect data, I wonder what will be more or less at the field.

Habitats Tinkercad Project

This is Elizabeth’s floor plan

This is what our final design look like in tinkerCAD now.

● As a collaborator, I felt that I can help my teammates and share my ideas with them. Also as a team, I think that we collaborate well because when we needed some time to catch up we don’t just interrupt them we find a time that we can all be with each other and send many times of something that our teammates need being very patient.

● I am happy with the final design because It includes all our ideas and thinkings in our group, didn’t put in one person thinking because think that which is the best so we need to do it like that.

● One thing that I noticed our group did well when working together was being very nice and patient with our teammates, helping them when they needed the help.

● One challenge that we had when working together was catching up because in different reasons we are not able to work together at first but after we are we help each other catch up and explain what we need to.

Egg In To Water & Corn syrup Investigation

My design is repeatable by another person because I have a procedure and I planned for the whole investigation. I realized that the data table is a little messed I would like to maybe change the order on the data table. It might have been an issue in my data collection because Sometimes the titles make it hard to see.  An improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is just careful with the eggs and try not to break it so that we can have more opportunities for investigations. Additional information that I would like to collect to have me understand more about this phenomenon is Models & Data, clear.

This is the data table for this investigation

This is the procedure for this investigation

This is the lab plan for this investigation

Field Study – Data Collection 2

This photo was taken when we are writing down all the data that we found today.

This time there are 95 mushrooms on the mushroom tree (44 less ) and 19 human impacts ( 13 more) around the big tree also 185 glass pieces (84 less)on the glass patch.

This time I can see a really big difference between last time, there are less glass and mushrooms but more HUMAN IMPACT on the big tree. The color of the leaves has changed and the color of the brunch too.

I am…&Video

Collaboration, because I feel like I can work with most of the people but still I hope to improve other areas.

I think I really want to be good on 1st self manager , 2nd Communication, because if I don’t communicate well with others than i won’t have any friends, and in the future if i need to work with others than i need to communicate with them.


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