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Make it: Reflect

Looking back on this project, I learned how to programme different things on illustrator and how a  laser cutting work. Knowing what I know now, I would find some more recognizable picture for the icons differently because after the exhibition it seems like people are still sometimes confused with some of the icons  particularly, it would just be better if I The mistake I learned from the most was save your work on illustrator before you move on to the next. One skill I think I can use in the future is the things I learned in illustrator things time. One thing I am proud of doing is our products, I think the labels came out very nice and the background really standout. The highlights for me this week was when I first saw the laser cutter cutting the sample for our group it is very cool and when our whole group collaborated together giving feedback to each other, 

Make it: Create and Improve

This is what the basket looks Before.      And this is what it looks After.

This was the sample we made, and what we tried different glue with.

This is what we did from illustrator.

This is our final label, after gluing and laser cutting.

Looking at my first and second prototype, I noticed that using the combination of wood and felt is now working the best for us. However, one of the biggest challenges was to organize the way to let people know what material they’re getting. I struggled to make the icons for the different items on the basket when I was frustrated when I couldn’t move the icon correctly and finding the same font. After getting feedback from my user, I learned that making sure the item is recognizable even if there are words is very important. I took feedback from Cara to improve the background of the piece wood. Once we decided to use felt as background,  it turned out really good and even if there are burn marks on the side it’s still looking very nice.

Make it: Develop and Plan


This is what we think it should look like. Because now we have the names on the different baskets label but we still find it hard to find the supply we need, so we think that maybe putting a little icon on might make it easy for us to find.

Make it define and Inquire

Who is your audience?

  • My audience or user is the students and facilitators who are using the FA space.

What is their problem or need?

  • I noticed they need a good and recognizable sign for remembering the names in the FA space. For example,  students who couldn’t remember the names they might be very confused when a facilitator call out the name of it, and where to go for their next lesson.
  • A problem my user is struggling is for the supply baskets people are very frustrating when the baskets don’t clearly have the name of the supply and make it hard to find stuff. For example, the markers, we use it every day but we normally can’t find them so this can be very frustrating.


  • I was inspired by myself which I sometimes can not find the rooms. where to go for different classes.
  • And it is really frustrating when I cannot find the right basket to put things back or take things out.

This is the first quick sketch of what I can do.

What is challenging?

  • However, I think it might be difficult to make these basket sign. Because there’s too much of them we need to do.
  • Also, it will take time to figure out where to put the big names in front of the doors.

What I learn from the interview?

In our interview, we are mainly focused on the topic, Different names of the space in FA, What type of front can make it easier for people to see, Where will be the best space put up the name. etc. In our group, we decided to split the team into two and two then do the interviews.

  • First, I learned that putting the right thing in the right place is actually very important to us, because, for example, the big sign of name in the FA space, some people think that putting it higher can make it easier to look but others might think to put on a creative place might be better.
  • Another thing is, some people might prefer the words to be printed big, clear, simple and easy but some might prefer words to be handwritten, very nice and fancy.


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