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Egg Drop

On this Monday, January 7, I began Project Collisions with an egg drop. This design challenge was to drop a raw egg from a height of 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with items to purchase was provided. My first design was using

1 A4 paper, 1 newspaper, 8 pieces of strings, 3 sets of rubber bands, 3 straws, and 2 binder clips. Our design is egg wrapped with 1 full sheet of newspaper, then connect also stable the egg wrapped with newspaper with the parachute made from four strings connected with an A4 paper, which made the parachute. 

Then, working in a group, we decided to add a parachute to slow down the speed of the egg when dropping, then we decided to wrap our egg with a full sheet of newspaper to ensure that there is a protection for the egg, we also added rubber bands around the wrapped egg to stable the wrapping, last we put 2 binder clips on the top and bottom of the wrapped egg to kind of make a stand for the egg.

As the egg was dropping, I was really nervous because I was worried if our design was save for the egg but in the same time, I was very excited too because I really want to see if the egg is saved or not.

Our design was successful because we slow down the speed when its dropping and wrapped the egg with multiple layers to protect it.

Next time, I would make a bigger parachute so that we can slow down the speed more.

Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I learned that delivery with a drone can deliver you many different things to you. Through this project, I hope to be able to learn more about the different things that can be delivered with a drone. Also, to learn how can the package land soft and be accurate.

This is a picture of how our egg looks after being wrapped with layers and with everything ready to drop.

January Field Study Collections- 4

What was the date? Where did you go? What was the purpose of the trip?

Today, January 25th we went to the field again to collect data. The purpose of this trip is to collect different data from different times in a year and look at the difference between each time.

This is one of the pictures of the mushroom tree that I took today at field study.

This is another picture i took at field study today.

This is how the big tree looks today.

This is what it took around the big tree now.

This is how the glass patch looks now.

This is the data table that has all the data today.

In January, the mushrooms on the mushroom tree decree from 101 to now only 71. Also, the big tree, we notice that there are no leaves left anymore on the tree, the color of the bark is still dark brown but the human impact around the tree decreased not much but from 9 to 6. Other than that, at the glass patch, the number of glass has decreased from 233 to only 153, also we notice that the ground around it is now flatter and packed comparing to before that is softer than now.  I notice that all the data has decreased compared to times we’ve been before. Next time we collect data, I wonder what will be more or less at the field.

Sewing for donation Define and Inquire

My goal in this one-day project is to make a useful product that can be donated for kids in need.

My hopes for this one-day sewing donation is to learn and improve my hand sewing skills.

Define and Inquire


Since it is winter now and we have big winter jackets but at the same time, there are also many children suffering in the cold. So I think that if we all help do something for them they can be warm and comfortable too. We decided that making things that can be useful for them will be the best to make and give form us.

But time might be a big limit for us since it is only a one-day project some of our product might need more time than others do so project unfinished is a limited problem for us now. Another problem is that when you need to make something when you’re still in the prosses of learning might be another difficult thing to do as learners in sewing. Other than limited for time, another thing is that the materials that we have could be a limitation for us.


This project is all going to give to a charity and donating to children that need this to keep warm throughout the winter.


In order to do these for donations, I need to learn to sew and learn about the materials what we need to make winter wears for the children. Also, we can get inspirations from the internet, look up for pictures and videos to learn how to make different winter wears.

Drop #0

In Project Collisions, I am creating a system to deliver fast but healthy food by drones. The drone will release the package from a height up to 10 meters and my job as an engineer is to develop a solution so that the package is protected in its fall.


For Drop 0, a package with the dimensions of 12 meters, 14 meter, and 16 meters was dropped from a height of 5 meters. Below is a photograph of the package:

This is a picture of our package.

The package will hold some hot food, a burger, some juice or drink, some fruits and maybe some little snack such as chips. Inside, items are organized like this:

This is a quick sketch of the inside of our package.

The purpose of Drop 0 is to get baseline data about our package. The group developed a testing procedure so that we can be consistent on how data is collected throughout the design cycle.

<insert image of final procedure>

During the drops, I noticed that the speed of the package dropping is very fast so it means that if we want to add a parachute it needs to be strong but not too heavy for our package.  Also, a wonder that I have watching was how can we make sure that our package lands softly and slowly with a parachute. The following data was collected:

This is our data table which records the force that was applied when dropping the package.

The average time it took for our package to fall the 5 meters was____________________<amount of time in seconds>. Using LoggerPro, we plotted out the fall of the package.

This is a screenshot of the data that’s collected from Logger Pro.

This is the whole video of our drop.


A force plate at the bottom of the drop was used to collect data on the impact force of the package. Our group was okay on how accurate we drop the package we missed on the plate for once out if three times of drop.  As a project metric for accuracy, we want our project to land right on the force plate in order to make accurate data.

The average force on impact was around 110 to 150. As a project metric, our group has decided to make sure the landing is soft and not out of the place too much, more than 2 meters.

Summary: Project Metrics

Our team has decided that the three most important criteria to design towards are the landing to be soft and safe, the food needs to be still hot and not soft and spilling out, and also being accurate when landing.  Below, each metric is described and the goals were determined by data from Drop 0.

  • Soft landing, land with a force of 30 to 50newtons.
  • Accurate landing, we need it to land on the force plate.
  • Food is separated, not soggy, not combined.

Our group is now building the first prototype. I hope that it helps us see and learn more about the mistake that we have and improve to make it better and better.

Fresh Water

Natalie was in a happy family of four, her parents, her brother and her. But secrets and mysteries can be around. Natalie’s family was the happiest family around the neighborhood, they’re kind, helpful to each other. But is this really who they are? Dad works at a big “business only” building, he often goes out to work early and always comes late in the evening, he always works very hard for “our family”. But horrible things can come to any family, so war came to her family. It was terrifying but at the same time where’s Dad? He’s going out much more often before the war. Like he knew it will come…

Click this link to read more about my story. Fresh Water

  • One challenge that I had was to make sure the QR code works and choose a size to print out.
  • I developed my collaboration skill and my communication skill.
  • I am proud of how we are communicating and getting feedback every time because it helps our group improve, get better.


This is the design cycle.

This is our group’s first print. It only has walks and doors.

This is our group’s final print. We changed a few stuff and added some things inside.

Click this link to see our group’s flyover. Flyover

Click this link to see our process of this math TinkerCAD project.

Habitats Tinkercad Project

This is Elizabeth’s floor plan

This is what our final design look like in tinkerCAD now.

● As a collaborator, I felt that I can help my teammates and share my ideas with them. Also as a team, I think that we collaborate well because when we needed some time to catch up we don’t just interrupt them we find a time that we can all be with each other and send many times of something that our teammates need being very patient.

● I am happy with the final design because It includes all our ideas and thinkings in our group, didn’t put in one person thinking because think that which is the best so we need to do it like that.

● One thing that I noticed our group did well when working together was being very nice and patient with our teammates, helping them when they needed the help.

● One challenge that we had when working together was catching up because in different reasons we are not able to work together at first but after we are we help each other catch up and explain what we need to.

Egg In To Water & Corn syrup Investigation

My design is repeatable by another person because I have a procedure and I planned for the whole investigation. I realized that the data table is a little messed I would like to maybe change the order on the data table. It might have been an issue in my data collection because Sometimes the titles make it hard to see.  An improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is just careful with the eggs and try not to break it so that we can have more opportunities for investigations. Additional information that I would like to collect to have me understand more about this phenomenon is Models & Data, clear.

This is the data table for this investigation

This is the procedure for this investigation

This is the lab plan for this investigation

What? So What? Now What?

What? So What?

I think a problem that we’re facing today is not enough fresh, clean water and people are also not always as aware of the use of it. And this address to my narrative because in my story there are wars because of the control over fresh, clean water and people are realizing the problem when it’s almost too late, we migrated from one place to another because of water, we are starting to move to places that have more water but in the main time it also means that there will be more likely to have war around because of the control. It’s like we see the leader as the best if they have control of clean fresh water. I hear and read before that there are only 3% of fresh water that we people can use on earth, the other 97% is water in the ocean, which are the salty water. Also, when I was researching I found that we are using fresh water so fast and so much that we might even run out of the water some day in the future so if we aren’t aware of this issue we might have a big problem in the future.

Now What?

I think that we should really be aware of how and when to use water, to truly understand the problem so that if everyone could do something to help then the problem might not get as worse later in the future. One thing that I can Collect data on is that how long do I take a shower in a month or a week. I can start to try and waste less water, and in the sometimes remind my family members to do the same as well. Or I can also tell my friends, family about how serious this issue is so that they can make a change too. This makes me realize I need to see the importance of fresh clean water to us and try to not waste water as much.

November Field Study- Collection 3

This is our data table.

This is what the big tree looks like this time. I notice that the leaves on the trees are much fewer than the last time, the percentage of leaves on the trees are distinctly different from the start.

This is the big tree. I notice that the color of the trunk of the tree. The leaves are falling off the tree easily.

This is a closer look at the trunks for the big tree.

This is a picture of the mushroom tree that we took this time.

The mushrooms look like their shrink, they seemed smaller but more mushrooms were there.

Today, I notice that the mushrooms on the mushroom tree seem to be smaller, shrank. But after counting it on the trees we found out that the numbers of mushrooms on the tree has actually increased instead of decrease. There were 59 mushrooms last time back in October and 101 mushrooms this time. I wonder why did the numbers of mushrooms has increased.

I think the purpose of this field study is to learn, practice to collect data and observe different changes throughout a period of time.

4Fs Foragers, Farmers, Factories

This blog post is icons to represent the different thing in the different times.

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