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Fresh Water

Natalie was in a happy family of four, her parents, her brother and her. But secrets and mysteries can be around. Natalie’s family was the happiest family around the neighborhood, they’re kind, helpful to each other. But is this really who they are? Dad works at a big “business only” building, he often goes out to work early and always comes late in the evening, he always works very hard for “our family”. But horrible things can come to any family, so war came to her family. It was terrifying but at the same time where’s Dad? He’s going out much more often before the war. Like he knew it will come…

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  • One challenge that I had was to make sure the QR code works and choose a size to print out.
  • I developed my collaboration skill and my communication skill.
  • I am proud of how we are communicating and getting feedback every time because it helps our group improve, get better.


This is the design cycle.

This is our group’s first print. It only has walks and doors.

This is our group’s final print. We changed a few stuff and added some things inside.

Click this link to see our group’s flyover. Flyover

Click this link to see our process of this math TinkerCAD project.  http://blogs.isb.bj.edu.cn/23tracyh/2018/11/23/habitats-tinkercad-project/

Habitats Tinkercad Project

This is Elizabeth’s floor plan

This is what our final design look like in tinkerCAD now.

● As a collaborator, I felt that I can help my teammates and share my ideas with them. Also as a team, I think that we collaborate well because when we needed some time to catch up we don’t just interrupt them we find a time that we can all be with each other and send many times of something that our teammates need being very patient.

● I am happy with the final design because It includes all our ideas and thinkings in our group, didn’t put in one person thinking because think that which is the best so we need to do it like that.

● One thing that I noticed our group did well when working together was being very nice and patient with our teammates, helping them when they needed the help.

● One challenge that we had when working together was catching up because in different reasons we are not able to work together at first but after we are we help each other catch up and explain what we need to.

Egg In To Water & Corn syrup Investigation

My design is repeatable by another person because I have a procedure and I planned for the whole investigation. I realized that the data table is a little messed I would like to maybe change the order on the data table. It might have been an issue in my data collection because Sometimes the titles make it hard to see.  An improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is just careful with the eggs and try not to break it so that we can have more opportunities for investigations. Additional information that I would like to collect to have me understand more about this phenomenon is Models & Data, clear.

This is the data table for this investigation

This is the procedure for this investigation

This is the lab plan for this investigation

4Fs Foragers, Farmers, Factories

This blog post is icons to represent the different thing in the different times.

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