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Photography: Develop and Plan

Pic of final product:

What is your biggest takeaway from this week?


What went well? What was challenging? What part of the design process made this a success?

I found it challenging to adjust the camera and it was very difficult for me to find a good background for my pic.

How did you use feedback to improve your project?

I got peer feedback from Audrey and Rebecca, they helped me improve my blog posts.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of finishing this product on time because I was really behind schedule and almost didn’t make it.

What challenges did you overcome?


If you could do one thing differently, what would it be?

Photography: Define and Inquire


My inspirations:



Inspiration 1


Inspiration 2

Inspiration 4

Inspiration 3


I chose Photography because I got very inspired after my aunt who studies Photography, showed me her portfolio. I really liked her pictures so I also wanted to try something similar but not with a professional camera. I chose this project so I can improve on my photography skills so I can create a small scrapbook or collage of my own.  I hope I am able to take some photos similar to my inspirations, which will be very difficult because they are on a whole lot different level in photography than I am, but I will try my best to take some nice pictures and decorate them in my scrapbook.




Blog Post 6: Collaborator

What are you doing well as a collaborator? 

I complete my responsibility on time, for example I work in the Fab Lab to cut and glue the bottles caps.

How has this helped your team?

The bottle caps that I create will be used as containers for our lip balms, that my teammates Audrey and Angeluna are going to make.

Is there anything you can improve to become a better collaborator?

Make sure we can get more feedback from facilitators.


One strength i notice myself doing well as a collaborator is completing my responsibilities on time.

For example, Audrey and I work  in the Fab Lab, we cut our bottle caps and lazer cut the plastic cakes so we can  glue them into our bottle caps. We work really hard so we don’t waste any time because gluing bottle caps takes a lot of time and effort.

One thing i can improve on is asking our facilitators to give us more feedback so our team can improve on our work and make it better.


Blog Post 5 – Prototype 2.0

3 things I learned from our prototype

– It takes time to cut and glue the bottle caps

– We need to collaborate to finish on time

–  scraping beeswax is very tiring

2 wonders-

– How can we make our bottle caps look more neat and organized

– Is there another lip balm recipe that’s less sticky

1 thing I might improve on-

– Improve and print our logos

Pic of our lip balm

Pic of our lip balm containers

Blog Post 4: Investors

What are 2-3 things your business will continue to do?

We will continue improving our design and researching about lip balms.

What are 2 pieces of feedback you can use to improve?

We need to do more market research and learn more about the heath and safety concerns.

Do you have any new ideas that you want to consider?

Create logos and attach them to the bottle caps

Blog Post 3: Mission and Team

Fizzybalms Mission Statement:

Our role here in Fizzybalms is to make sustainable lip balm without creating more waste. Using our profit, Fizzybalms will donate to charities that help try to reduce plastic pollution and waste.


Fizzybalms Responsibilities:

Audrey So: Marketing , Organizer , Secretary

Audrey’s responsibilities are to attract people and find customers and keeping all the important paper documents.

Angeluna Xu: Designing, Public Relations,

Designing, Product Developer, Public Relations

Victoria Li: Financing, Treasurer, Tech Support

My financial responsibilities are to give the prices and manage all the money and payments. Tech support – all the computer related stuff.







Blog Post 2 – Market Research

3 things I learned from my research:

  1. Most of the people we surveyed prefer scented or flavored lip balm
  2. Almost all middle schoolers and teachers we surveyed use lip balm on a daily basis, regardless of gender
  3.  Most of the people we surveyed would pay from a range of 5-20 RMB


2 wonderings I have are:

  1. Do we have to pay the school back for buying our materials?
  2. How are the PTA members going to decide which team is going to sell in the PTA and which aren’t?

1 thing I might change or improve is:

I would improve the project sketch more because the old one is nnot very accurate and very simple.


River Field Study – Data Collection 6

On this field study we measured the temperatures of the of the slide and the trash line at the Wenyu river. We couldn’t measure the temperatures at the bridge because our facilitators didn’t let us inside. The weather was ok, it wasn’t as cold as last time and the sky was mostly clear.


This is all the data we have collected so far:


April 8 2019 Data collection:


Trash line: 13 C , Water: 17 C, Air: 17 C

Slide:  15 C, 16 C, 17 C

Bridge: No Data


A pic of the Wenyu Slide




Blog Post 1: Initial Idea

The images above are my groups inspiration for our product.





Our needs are that the school would need to provide us with our lip balm supplies and possibly our recycled lip balm containers.

Our target audience are primarily middle schoolers, high schoolers and teachers . Lip balms are an everyday essential, a lot of people use lip balm in their everyday lives. But our lip balm is very different from all the

others, because ours is 100% sustainable.


Our first project design idea

River Field Study – Collection 5

Wenyu River in March

Trash Line

On this field study we measured the temperatures of the of the slide and the trash line at the Wenyu river. We did not measure the temperatures near the bridge because it was restricted and our facilitators didn’t let us that far inside. The weather was great, it wasn’t as windy as January’s Data collection Field Study.

Trash Line of the Wenyu river

This is all the Data we have collected so far:







March 7, 2019 Data Collection:

Trash line:

Soil: 13 C , Water: 10 C, Air: 3.5 C ,

Slide: Soil: 4 C, 8 C, 5 C

Bridge: No Data

I notice that looking over today’s data collection, the soil at the trash line was warmer than the soil at the slide and that the air at the slide was warmer than the one at the trash line. Im wondering why it turned out that way and also if the temperatures are going to rise for the next Field study in April.



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