Catchall Design By Victoria

This is my design catchall in Design Technology. Below attached is a link to my ThingLink image. Please be free to copy and paste this link and read my “values” and comments!


Skills that I learned or developed were how to glue two pieces or more of wood together. One I started getting good at it, I tried to help other classmates who were having trouble with using the wood glue. Another thing that I learned was how to saw a clean cut in a piece of wood. At first, I wasn’t really good at this, and the edges of the wood I cut were jagged and rough. As I worked through my project, I can tell that my skills with sawing and handling the saw were much improved than before.

This product addresses the needs of my clients by providing the spaces to hold cards, wallets, phone(if needed) and other small decorations that could be placed nearby the door of a house. Key holders (hooks) are also added for an advantage of not losing keys, ID cards or any other type of accessory.

Overall, I thought this product was successful because it shows all the needs my client needs which would help “catch-all” of their loose belongings each day. 🙂 (other additional comments and “values” are added in the link below! Also, I believe, though pink is not my preferred color, this color suits my client quite a lot as this is one of her favorite colors (though she prefers green and blue more). This color, personally, makes me feel pretty warm as the color itself is “warm” 🙂 So I think that as a summary, I feel that my product was quite successful.

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