Student as a Learner goal. (Humanities)

The reason i choose this because that I don’t feel positive when i learn about humanities or just any other subject, i don’t know how to get the positive attitude i just do the things i am required to do. I guess what i can do is to find something that I’m interested in inside humanities, or possibly engage in more group work than i already am and be assigned with more work than the others so i can possible have some fun when doing the work that i have been assigned to. This is worthy of my concern is because I don’t have much fun when i do the subjects at school.

Nuturing a safe and supportive community

I am participating in group activites, while encouraging others to speak a language we all are able to communicate if not speaking already, some people aren’t as experienced with English, so they would speak their first language because they are more experienced, however not everyone understands the language that you speak. So i try to encourage them to speak English even though they aren’t as experienced, if you dont do it, how can you get better right? While supporting people or friends to take risks as well as trying new things that can possibly help in class or outside of class. When using vulgar language which can be very offensive which means its not safe, however the community is already good enough so that people don’t use vulgar or offensive language. I will also encourage people to participate in group activites so others can understand the people of the community better, so we can become closer to a family of sort.


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Hamilton was a software engineerer for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. She was faced with massive amounts of coding, for coding the system for the space unit. Hamilton developed the concepts of asynchronous software, so it can be respected as it should. Hamilton programmed the system to detect errors, so that it will have a high priority level and a low level. As Apollo 11 tried to land on the moon, 3 minutes before landing there was an error from some radar, and because of Hamiltons system, they were able to land successfully and recover the from the error.

Spring Rock Trip

Spring Rock Trip

Highlights One of the highlights of the trip was when my group got to the top of the Jacobs ladder without using the strings and also having 5 minutes less than everyone.

Challenge: The challenge was to get to the top of the Jacobs ladder with my group members while having 5 minutes less than everyone and not being able to use the ropes.

Collaboration: The group was able to collaborate well, therefore we were able to get on top of the Jacobs ladder. I was standing in the middle while Mathew and Daniel were on the side, they stood on my leg. So they were able to get on the next level.

:) My Schedule For This Trimester :)))))))))) |( ̄3 ̄)| hehe

This trimester I will be doing after school badminton, for 2 hours each Tuesday, and Thursday. I don’t plan on doing any clubs, nor A.S.A.’s after school. Since I will only be doing badminton after school, my schedule isn’t super complex and packed together. So it would be really easy to organize. Like to organize homework usually doesn’t take super long maximum 10 minutes, unless its reading. Sometimes I wouldn’t even have homework, because of my enrichment, Independent Study Time. Since I live not quite far from the school, it doesn’t take too long for me too get home. So like around 10-15 minutes. As I arrived home from badminton it would be around 6:00. So I take a shower, do my homework, play some video games, and watch some youtube or some anime. Dinner is usually around 7:30 or 8:00, and it usually takes 20 minutes for dinner, meaning that 8:20 should be the latest time that dinner would be done. Meaning that I have an hour and a half before I go to sleep. I can text friends, play video games with them.