Ancient Chinese Philosophies That Are Still Being Practiced

Ancient Chinese Philosophies

There are several philosophies in china, however there are only some that go into the ages of Ancient China. These philosophies and beliefs are still being practiced to this day, one of the beliefs are as old as 1800 years! Below, there is an ebook that shares how people practice the belief and how it spread so far out!

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Westley’s Catchall Design

So this is my Catchall, this is from Thinglink, click the dots to find out each use of the catchall. My catchall was designed for a certain client, where he required a space for his wireless speakers, his headphones, his earphones, and other accessories.

My biggest success in making this catchall, was the sanding process, it is a process where i did best. It was very smooth. My biggest obstacle was getting the supplies, since my material demand is quite high. Because of what type of materials i require. A skill that i developed over the time was to know how to efficiently use the saw, it became easy and fast to utilize the saw. For example making these wooden planks would’ve took a lot more time if i didn’t develop the skills to efficiently use the saw. One thing i would like to change is the tip top of the pillar where the headphone lies, it isn’t as smooth as i would like it, because the edges turned out to be more pointy than i would like it. A concern that i had was, was that i wouldn’t have enough time to finish the project, because i was absent for several classes. This catchall addresses the needs of my client by providing the space needed and utilizing the space that has been required well. The impact that this catchall will have on my client is how that it can minimize the amount of space that he would need for all his things without the catchall.

If i were to do this project again, i would first gather the materials i need, and then start the process of making the actual catchall. An advice that i would give to a future student that may or may not be doing the project. Is that you should always have your materials ready before you do any work, like sanding, gluing and such sorts.

Overall, this project is successful because it allowed me to develop such skills that can help me in the future when i create new projects.

Overall, this project is unsuccessful due to the fact that I wasn’t able to complete my work.


During this one day activity, which is rock climbing. Before we could start climbing, we had to learn the fundamentals for rock climbing and make posters about them. We chose gears and equipment and basic safety.Our poster looks like this, it shows the precautions you should take, before climbing. We achieved some great feats, completing all courses except one.Very amazing as you can see. We had to Define and Inquire our project. Our project focuses on the precautions you had to take before rock climbing. We asked several questions before reaching our final answer. Our first question was, “What is our final answer?’ We had to decide what our final answer was first, and then reach for it. In the very end, we concluded our final answer onto our poster. Since the current posters don’t include safety precautions, our poster will be the first poster that includes climbing safety precautions.

How i will be a kinder person

I will become a kinder person by showing appreciation to our friends or just anyone in the hall way, and showing respect to the people that are older than us. Holding doors for people that are occupied with things, as well as picking things up for people that accidentally dropped. As for teachers, be more responsible and dont have teachers chasing you for homework, or assignments that are overdue, because that will delay the entire classes education. 

Student as a Learner goal. (Humanities)

The reason i choose this because that I don’t feel positive when i learn about humanities or just any other subject, i don’t know how to get the positive attitude i just do the things i am required to do. I guess what i can do is to find something that I’m interested in inside humanities, or possibly engage in more group work than i already am and be assigned with more work than the others so i can possible have some fun when doing the work that i have been assigned to. This is worthy of my concern is because I don’t have much fun when i do the subjects at school.

Nuturing a safe and supportive community

I am participating in group activites, while encouraging others to speak a language we all are able to communicate if not speaking already, some people aren’t as experienced with English, so they would speak their first language because they are more experienced, however not everyone understands the language that you speak. So i try to encourage them to speak English even though they aren’t as experienced, if you dont do it, how can you get better right? While supporting people or friends to take risks as well as trying new things that can possibly help in class or outside of class. When using vulgar language which can be very offensive which means its not safe, however the community is already good enough so that people don’t use vulgar or offensive language. I will also encourage people to participate in group activites so others can understand the people of the community better, so we can become closer to a family of sort.


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