Philosophies of Ancient China

There are many philosophies and religions practiced in China today and greatly impact the country. This iBook will teach you about the 3 major philosophies that helped shape the China you see today.

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Temple Field Trip 2019


I liked that we were able to see what people worshiping/meditating looked like in person. I noticed there were way more people at this temple than the other two. I was surprised that there were so many rooms.


I liked that there were a lot of statues. I noticed there were very few people here. I learned that they have some similar beliefs to buddhist.


I liked that it was more peaceful than the others. I noticed there were some steles. I learned that If you step on the door ledges it’s bad luck.

Rock On!

During One Day I did rock climbing. The first thing we had to do was make our posters about climbing fundamentals, my sub group with Westley. Our subject was safety precautions. We had to inquire about what the precautions were and ended up making our draft on paper. After we finished our poster we leaned how to belay safely and began to climb our own routes.


What challenges did you face?

To challenge myself I focused on using single colours but I succeeded in reaching the top of most walls anyways.


What did you discover or learn?

I discovered how to mantle and dyno. Mantling is when you push down with your arms and your legs in order to go up. dynoing is when you squat down and jump up to the hold you want.


What did you do well?

I was good at reaching the top of the walls.


Why is OneDay important?

We were able to focus on one thing in order to learn more about it.


 My Poster

Me Climbing

Student as a learner goal

I would like to focus on asking more questions, I would like to ask more questions because sometimes I don’t know what to do, my goal is to ask a question every time I don’t understand something.

How I help the safe and supportive learning community

How I help nurture a safe and supportive learning community

-I speak only English in class

-My language is clean and I support others

-I keep eye contact and pay attention when people and teachers are talking

-I don’t leave others out

-I think I collaborate well

-I would like to improve on staying on task in class, I can do this by not talking to others in class.