top 5 diseases that cause death


These are top 5 diseases that cause death. Especially, I researched about the Cancer and I shared with other students about other diseases. I noticed that there are common foods that we should avoid or eat.

These (chart below) are foods that we should avoid or eat to prevent and  recover top 5 diseases that cause death. As I said before, I researched for cancer, and In common, we should avoid bad fat, smoking, oily foods, too much sugar, and salty food, and we should eat good oil, fruits, vegetable, whole food, and water.

Things we should eat</td Things we should avoid
Fish, fruits, low (fat, sugar, and salt), good oil, whole food, fruit, water, vegetable Smoking, processed food, sugar, oily foods, fiber food, water, bad fat, carbonated drinks (high sugar)

Healthy Food Sharing Party!

I brought some cereals and mandarins. I brought these because most of cereals have lots of sugar, and I found cereals that have less sugar, so I thought that sugarless cereals can be health, and I brought them. Also, I brought mandarins because they have vitamin C. Unfortunately, I didn’t have computer or something that I can take picture with, so I don’t have any pictures.

I am from “Big Bird”.

This book is about many stories about me using “Story Birds”. I hope you enjoy my story.

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