How to be kind

  1. Care for others genuinely.
  2. Don’t be kind for the sake of getting what you want.
  3. Be kind to yourself.
  4. Learn kindness from others.
  5. Cultivate kindness for the good of your own health.
  6. Make a habit of focusing on kindness.
  7. Be kind to everyone, not just people “in need”.
  8. Put yourself into others shoes.
  9. Laugh with them, not laugh at them.
  10. Beware of the bottom line between people.

My Design Tech Catchall Project

This is my Catchall project for myself—a box for photo cards. Skills I learned to develop were to cut wood with a saw and to use wood glue; If I were to do this again, I would calculate carefully and make sure that I cut accurately. Overall, I think this is a success because I was still able to put things in it, even though the lid didn’t work.

Humanities- Academic Goal

I think I want to improve my writing with precise and deep words, but in order to do that I’ll have to read a lot of good books to have an input, so I”lol focus on reading first. I’ll try to read for an hour each day (on the bus) and chat with my mom about it when I get home, like a book talk or something. I can also choose an important word that I learned from the reading, and can blog about the new words/ concepts I learned.

Humanities- Student As a Learner

I thing I need to work on some of the lack of respect I have, because it can really change how I collaborate in class, and how others think of me. I will achieve it by reminding myself to keep all the emotional factors away so that I don’t get angry or anything, and keeping my respect, for example, it was a teacher that I don’t really like that is talking now, I won’t be listening and being respectful. That will be a time when I need to be reminded that I should leave all my emotional behind and listen and be respect first.

I was a traveler through the time machine into ancient Athens. Hear more about my journey in my ThingLink!

Hero’s Journey- The Sky Without Color

The Sky Without Color is about how Future (W, Yun, JY, and Wendy) helped their friend Minji to escape from the Goddess of Sky’s hand. I really enjoyed the journey with all my Future members! Hope you have fun reading it!

Hero’s Journeys Final- Ada Wang

A Supportive Community

During the first trimester, I had helped with building a safe and supportive community by being inclusive. Being the most talkative person with an academically conversations, I usually try to include everyone in the group in. I ask them for their ideas and opinion, and build on their thoughts.

However, I do speak in Chinese very often, and that’s also in a side conversation, which I know is disrespectful to the person talking. I will be aware of what I’m saying, when I’m saying it, and who I’m telling it to.

Overall, I think I did some contributions in making our community a better place, but I can still do more.

October: Women’s Health Month

Dr. Sherri Mason, was awarded a 2018 Heinz Award for addressing a problem witgh growing health and environment. In a study, she found microplastics present in most drinking water, including in nearly every brand of bottled water from nine countries. Mason’s alarming findings had started a Microbead-Free Waters Act, which was signed by President Barack Obama in 2015. “In the United States’ water I’d say this is taking care of about 15 percent of the plastic pollution problem,” she observes. “We’ve got to celebrate that but be aware of the fact that this is the first step in a mountain of plastic pollution that we really need to contend with.”

She might faced some challenges, like not being able to find materials she need, or having no people that believes in her, but she overcame it by showing data. Her address to the problem raised awareness, and helped people all over the world.

Fall-Overnight-Trip G7

On Sept. 18th-19th, our class went to the Spring Rock Camp at Qingshanling, Tianjin. The trip was fun, especially with so much activities. I also learned a lot on how to take risks, how to trust other people, and how to overcome challenges that I fear.

The best part was finishing the High Rope Course, and having my favourite food–tomato–during lunch and dinner time. Even though the high rope course was really scary and I sort of had an argument with the staff on top, but the zip-line at the end was really fun, and I was really proud of myself being able to finish it.

One of the challenges I had was the Jacob-Ladder, because I was really scared of falling off. But Elizabeth Z. and Joyce Y. were really good teammates and helped me a lot. At the end they went up to the fourth one and I stayed at the third block.

Overall, I really like this trip and I hope we can go to some more places like The Spring Rock so that we don’t have to spend a whole lot of time traveling from activity to activity.

ASA Choosing

I think I might choose volleyball somehow because I need to grow taller, also they kinda arranged the time to fit my schedule, so I think I should go.

If I’m going I think I should take the ASA bus and do my homework on the bus, because when I get home it should already be six and then I have to practice my violin until my mom gets back, therefore I’ve got no time for homework, and so I have to do my homework on the bus.

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