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A disease that can kill BOTH of us

A respiratory disease, which I’m doing for pneumonia as a more specific one, is a disease with your breathing system. Usually, it is caused by particles being breathed in. It will eventually cause death. You can prevent from getting this disease by stop smoking and getting more vitamin A. You can get more VA by eating apples, tomatoes, kinds of rice, eggs, and porks. Smoking is a real threat to health, so the first step of being healthy is to stop smoking, and if you’re not smoking, don’t smoke. If you don’t smoke, you can prevent all of the top 5 worldwide diseases from

For the G6 Snack Party for PE:

These are some oranges

  • 100% pure oranges, if you make something out of it, you’ll ruin it.
  • Watery, AWESOME!
  • It has a lot of VITAMIN C 🙂
  • I brought this because I ate it and thought that this is really TASTY and wanted to share with others 🙂

The Most Popular Blogs vs The Most Beautiful Library


Doing a Blog makes me feel like that I’m sinking myself in a Library, there are endless possibilities in blogs, just like in a library.

Book Club #4- The Nixie’s Song

This is a book about Nick and Laurie helping the nixies. They can’t see each other, but they can hear and feel each other. Taloa, a nixie, a creature with very big feet and it’s green, has 6 sisters that needed help from Laurie and Nick. Laurie and Nick went through a lot of challenges, and at last, they killed the giant, but I don’t think the book said anything about them saving the nixies.

Neither did my book club members nor I got the last part. They killed the giant, so maybe they did save the nixies?

I ‘m choosing Nick as my character to write, because I think I know him and Laurie the best. He is this kind of kid that has a lot of ideas. He doesn’t have much friends, but as long as he’s got one, I bet he’ll try his best to protect them, and unlike Laurie, he like to be alone sometimes.

I had this connection with Nick during the book, because if someone told me that there is something there that I can’t see, I wouldn’t believe it until I touch it. Well I guess it’s because I’ve never heard of a nixie, but if I did, I guess I might believe it. Maybe, maybe not.

The Children of Green Knowe

I think the reason that only Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowe can see the other children is because that they are from the same family. The gardener can’t see the kids. I think maybe even people from the same family, you must be believing in spirits and souls to see the kids, because Tolly wasn’t able to see the kids at first, too.

Book Club #3- The Swift Boys and Me

On the last day of grade 6, Nola saw her best friends’ dad, Mr. Swift leave. After the left of Mr. Swift, the Swift boys totally changed. Brian, the eldest, wasn’t around anymore. Kevin, the youngest who used to never stop talking, is now shushing up forever. Canaan was Nola’s best-best friend, but he is now hanging around with bullies instead of Nola. Nola wan’t her friends back! She decides to go and search for her friends’ dad. She was Sarah, who turned out is a mistress. She wanted to tell Canaan and his brothers. At last, her family must move because her mama and her new stepdad, Richard is getting married and their current house it too small for the 3 people to live in there. She also became good friends with Teddy Ryan, who she used to hate. I really enjoyed this book!

A character that I liked a lot is Canaan Swift. He is the 2nd main character in this book. I chose him because he had a big change overtime. As you cans through out the book,  the “old” Canaan is nice, kind, and sweet. Who wouldn’t be friend with a person like that? But now, the Canaan Swift in Chapter 9, he is mean, selfish, and not friendly at all. He even hurt his best-best friend Nola’s heart. I don’t think the writer, Kody Kiplinger putted him in the book for no reason. I think he is actually the most important element of this book. If he was acting all right, then Nola wouldn’t have all these feelings, and stories. He would influence his brothers to be normal again, and there will be no problem.

I had a connection between Nola, because I was also very shocked when I heard that my dad has a mistress. I wonder is Nola was as shocked as if it was her own dad, and I also wonder what will happen to the Swift boys when they hear the news.

I really enjoyed this book

Visible Thinking For Settlers of Catan

We played the Settlers of Catan bin class. We had a lot of fun doing it, and we were required to white down some visible thinkings for it.

The 4c's

My 4c’s


~Fantasy Story Reflection~

Q1.  What was the best part of writing fantasy stories and why was it the best?
A: I think the best part of writing fantasy it that you can write down whatever you imagine and it can never be wrong. As long as the scenes can join together, you can write whatever you want, because it’s fantasy.
Q2.  What are some elements that make up a fantasy story?  List as many as you can and then pick one to describe in detail.
A: The element is the fantasy clock, there are also characters, and also the setting. I think all of them are important.
The Fantasy Clock
12:Status Quo (The Normal World)
1: A call to the adventure
2: Assistance
3: Departure
4: Trial
5: Approach
6: Crises
7: Treasure
8: Result
9: Return
10: New life
11: Resolution
12: Status Quo (Back to the start)
Q3.  What is the best fantasy story you have read?  You may not use either of the two I (Mr. Daw) read to you.  Tell me why you think it was the best.
A: I think it’s Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Even some of the languages she used sounded weird, but the plot details are pretty good. I liked vampires so this is my favorite.

Starring: Tracy Beaker

The book I just read was Starring: Tracy Beaker By Jacqueline Wilson.

It was a book for my book club, and it was about this girl named Tracy Beaker, she was a girl in the Children Home, which they called it the Dumping Ground. She was here because she thinks that her mom, a big Hollywood movie star was to busy to look after her. She wanted her mom to come during Christmas, and see her act as the Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. She started to buy gifts, for her mom and her best friend, Peter. Also her friend Cam. Cam, or Camila is in charge of taking Tracy out for the weekends. She was so exited for the show, that she was having midnight rehearsals with Peter. But a mean girl named Justine Littlewood pushed her, so she punched her back. Justine’s nose was bleeding, and the principal thinks it’s Tracy’s fault. She told Tracy that she can’t be in the play anymore. Peter was thinking of a way to help his friend. He gathered everyone’s signatures, saying that they wanted Tracy to be back in the show. The principal said yes! Finally, it was the 20th of December, the day of the show. She asked the teacher to wait for her mom to come, but unfortunately, her mom didn’t come to see her show. But she received a flower at backstage. The teachers said it came from her mum. At last, she had a wonderful Christmas with Cam, who she call that it’s “Like her own mom”. They made eggs and chips, and she wrote a wonderful letter to Cam. They became best best best friends.

I liked Peter a lot, because he is a very nice boy. He helps his friends (mostly Tracy) when they need him. Like he got everyone’s signature to ask Tracy to be back in the show. That was pretty amazing, for a person to convince and persuade all other people that never seemed to like Tracy. He is always full of ideas of how to help his friends. I like people who can help their friends, and are always helpful.

I have a connection with Tracy Beaker, because when I was at my old school, there was this trouble kid. And he always gets into troubles. One day he punched another boy in the nose, and the other boy’s nose broke. But one day, someone really did kick him, so he kicked back. The principal saw the whole scene, and send a letter to his parents. He was friend with one of my friend, so I’ve heard that his mom and dad did not believe him. I guess his parents said that they’ve received millions of letters from the principal, and it was all his problem. I think parents shouldn’t do that, because it is important to teach kids what is trust.

I like this book a lot. It taught me a lot of how to be friends.


President Snow burned down District 12, Gale brought Katniss’ family to District 13, the Capitol took Peeta and kept him in the Capitol. Katniss became the “mockingjay” of district 13. She is a rebel. She want to kill Snow by hand, because Snow killed her sister, Prim. She hated him, and by Prim telling, she knew that Snow won’t kill Peeta because if he did, then he’ll have nothing on her. Anyways, at last, she killed President Snow. They lived in District 13, and Peeta married her. Out of love. Not Snow and the people in Panem. The end.

I like Katniss a lot because she is very brave, like I’ve said before, also very smart.

My connection was that some country have symbols that represents things, like in District 13, mockingjay was the symbol of their hero, Katniss.

Body, Bones, and Body Bits

This is an non-fiction book. It is basically about your body. I read this book because I thought that this is pretty good for me, since we’re doing human-body-unit right now. It’s tells you a lot, like how does your brain works, where food goes after it is eaten, what happens when a boil bursts, why dead people need a haircut, and which animals live on our eyelashes.

My favorite information is that your dream is really just about 6 minutes long. The longest dream is about 157 minutes.

I think that info had a connection to what Chinese people said– 日有所思,夜有所梦,which means whatever you’re thinking in the day, you will dream it at night. Maybe our day is pretty short, because even if you’re dreaming of a summery of your day, I guess it’s still only gonna be 6 minutes long or so. So if our day is so short, what about our life? Because we can only live for 80 years or so. Each day is short, so what about 2920 days? Is it also short?

This book reminded me of a lot of things.

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