"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched -- they must be felt with the heart." -- Helen Keller

Ancient Mesopotamia stimulation!

Today in humanities, we were divided into 5 groups. Each group was given a basket with materials and a list of other materials we need, we also had to create a language, create laws… You can trade with other groups by using your “language” to tell them what you need. You cannot speak while trading. If you’re lucky and has plenty of resources, then it will be easier for you to trade the materials you need.

My job was to make up the laws for the civilization, like what are the punishments for what crime.  We decided who to do what by just taking a random sheet.

The problem with our group is that we started of with little resources (2 forks), but someone in our group accidentally traded 1 fork for 1 popsicle stick. and since it was a common resource, no one else would trade it for 2 items.

If I was to redo this activity again with the same materials, I would be more careful of what to trade with what.

Chinese games 2019 One Day, Aaron Hou

For one day, I did Chinese games. We played MahJong, Gomuku (五子棋)and Chinese chess.

What did I do well?: I taught others how to play Mahjong and helped those who weren’t that good at the game. I also taught Joshua how to play Chinese chess.

What difficulties?: We played different versions of Mahjong so it was hard to decide which kind to play

What did I learn?: I learned different ways of playing MahJong, such as the Taiwan way and I also learned how to play with flowers

I came 2nd place (Tied with Joshua) out of the whole class with 7 wins. Not only did I get to play but I also got to teach other people how to play.

Why is One Day Important?: One day is important because it can give us a opportunity to learn stuff we don’t normally do. And we get to have fun, take a break for a day. It also gives a chance for people from different grades to know each other.


Ancient china: Silk

This is a video I made with my group. It is a 3 min skit we made in humanities about ancient Chinese silk. We are pretending to be students and there is a teacher teaching us facts about silk.  Our groups topic was ancient china, sine we have to focus on the achievements, we decided to do silk.

My project in humanities

In humanities, First, in class, we were learning about early humans. Then, we split into 3 groups: one was learning about diet, one community and the other one technology. I ended up learning about early humans diet for 8 days and this is my final project.


For this design project, me and my partner (Alex) designed a cup insulator with a layer of fabric on the outside, and foil on the inside. We also have a thin piece of wood as the cap.

Our goal was:

1. To make sure it traps heat inside

2.It has to last long

3.It has to be removable and look good

Our difficulties were managing to agree on the same materials

The results from other people (1-5):

I can easily drink from this cup:3
I can easily remove this:4
I would buy this in a store:3
This fits the cup well:4

Cup without insulator:
Baseline temperature:80 Celcius
After 5 minutes:70 Celcius
After 10 minutes:64 Celcius
Prototype 1:
Baseline temperature (water):87 Celcius
After 5 minutes: 77 Celcius
After 10 minutes: 73 Celcius

Prototype 2:
Baseline temperature: 80 Celcius
After 5 minutes: 76 Celcius
After 10 minutes: 70 Celcius

The Filter Me And My Partner Designed!

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