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I am from books and soccer

This is a poem I wrote about where I’m from in Humanities class. To make this poem, I started out by making lists of special things about myself. Then I used Storybird for the pictures and iMovie for the music and voice.

Designing to survive

This project is a filter made of plastic bottles, duck tape, tin can, and a filter. We made that so it can clean dirty water and it is really useful if you go to a really hot place like a desert.


Chinese= Awesome

How I feel about Middle School

This picture represents how i am feeling about Middle School, I feel so Happy! I love it, i am making so much friends and my teachers are really nice.

Literary Essay 3

Loneliness will happen to you when you start growing up. Loneliness is sad to people and annoying also. What if you and your best friend were playing together, and your best friend meets with someone else, and this someone else becomes your best friend friend. So you start being lonely because your best friend plays with someone else. Everyday your friend starts to leave you alone and play with another friend. You would feel lonely right? There is also a book called Year of the boar and in the story there is a girl named Shirley and at first she lived in china but now she left her Chinese family and went to America with her parents. And so she feels lonely not being with her Chinese family again.

Once Shirley looked at herself in a mirror and she imagined she was going to be blond because she speaks a lot of english now and she forgot a bit of her Chinese. So if you feel lonely sometimes it is good to talk to someone you trust. As i said you sure will feel lonely in your life but don’t worry about it because you will be happy the next day really quickly. You see Shirley is really sad and lonely in the story, she was used to play with her Chinese family and hang out with them until she went to live in America, where there were not one Chinese people except for her and her mom and dad. Once Shirley went to school and she was still lonely as usual but then there was a new student and Shirley knew they were going to be friends. And they were. One day a famous black American baseball player named Jackie Robinson came in Shirley’s school and the teacher of Shirley told Emily the friend of Shirley to give the school key to Robinson. But Emily stood up and said that it should be Shirley who gives the key to Robinson so then Shirley did not feel lonely at all. So with a big smile Emily gave the key to Shirley, and Shirley gave it to Robinson.

As i said in the beginning it is hard when you leave your home country and your family to live somewhere else because everything is new to this new country to you and you feel lonely but see Shirley did feel lonely at the beginning but she made an effort to stop being lonely and to find an english friend.


Literary essay #2

I believe that you always have to like who you are and you’re name, because then you will feel sad and it is not really joyful, because you should always believe in you, and because you might change if you don’t believe in you and you do not like yourself. Chrysanthemum is a good example too. You are hanging out with your best friend, and you’re best friend found a new friend to play with, and you do not like this new friend. So you’re best friend starts to play even more with the other new friend, and he leaves you alone and then he is not really you’r friend anymore, and so you start to be lonely. Then you’re previous best friend, friend comes to you and says you’re name is bad and it sounds bad, you would believe him/her, you would believe that you’re name is bad. But don’t stay the person you were before and do not listen to their comments, just ignore them and like the person you are.

Did you know that in you’r life you will meet a lot of mean people that will make fun of you and make you feel sad? Well you would not like people like that, so to not get sad and mad and other bad feelings, you have to stay away from those people when you see them coming towards you. If they are chasing you just tell an adult or someone you trust about this problem. There is no reason why you should hate yourself. The mean kids that are telling you all those bad stuff about your name or you, they sure are a lot jealous of your name.

You know if you would listen to other people telling bad things about you, you might feel sad and so you would not be in a good mood the rest of the day. Just like yourself and do not listen to any bullies. If you have problems at school like that do not hide it from your parents, tell them about what happened and they will sure help you. Whatever your name is just like it and ignore the mean people.

There must be a thousands of reasons why people hate themselves, and one of the common one is bad people. If you see other people having the same problems at school getting bullied and bad people saying bad stuff to the person you see, you should help especially if it happened to you. If you help those sad people that hate themselves because of the mean people’s comment you might be that person’s friend, and then the person you helped will show respect.

As I said at first you can lose your own best friend because he said something mean to you about your personality and your name and you don’t like it so you feel sad, and you don’t believe in yourself. You should always talk to someone you trust about this and never hide it otherwise you will become even more sad.

Literary Essay #1

I believe that in earth everyone should be treated equally and happily. A great example about this is the story of Iqbal. It started off by the parents of Iqbal selling Iqbal to a carpet owner with a lot of other kids that makes carpet for the carpet owner. They sold Iqbal because they could then earn some money for there food. When Iqbal arrived to the carpet house, he got directly to work just like he was told to. Iqbal saw a lot of other kids working on making carpets. Iqbal was not so happy about the poor kids working hard and earning one dollar a year. Iqbal felt unfree for him, and the other kids. So Iqbal decided to try to free them.

This beginning part of the story shows that people in the world should live equally, be treated nicely, and get enough food to feed theirselves. A reason why we should live equally is because if you help poor people with no food, people will respect you for the good thing you did to this poor man, and all the people around the world that you helped will show respect for you, and be kind to you because you helped them get a better life. So it is always important to help other people’s life and make it better, and to not be selfish. The most important reason is that, what if you poor, you would not like being poor and have no food. So this is why you should always help poor people have a better life, because we never know if you could be poor once. You can also earn respect in many different ways, but in my opinion the best way to earn respect is to help others.

Later in the story of Iqbal, Iqbal goes all around Afghanistan announcing the that all the kids working really hard for the carpet owner should be set free. Iqbal worked really hard to free those kids and he did. But the problem was that t carpet owners did not have kids working for them anymore, so they would not get carpets anymore, so they can’t earn money anymore with no carpets to sell. As you can see Iqbal is a really brave person to free all those kids from the carpet owner. He is showing freedom. He wants freedom, for everyone, and that is what i think everyone that does not have freedom in life should have freedom. But sadly Iqbal got shot by someone, sand he is dead. The killer that killed Iqbal stayed a mystery. Nobody knows who killed him but we think it is the carpet owners, because remember that the carpet owners were angry to loose all the kids that were making the carpets for them, and so if they don’t have any more carpets that are made then they can not sell them and earn money. I think there should always be one person that should stand up for the good like Iqbal. As you can see Iqbal was not selfish he was brave, smart, and always cared about others. So it is good to not be selfish, think of others, and help them have a better life. That is how i think poor people with no food should be treated. They should be treated happily, and fair.

Vampire it’s serious


It is a story about a young boy who is 11 years old and, who is in middle school. When he was coming back home on a walk he got bitten by a bat. When he came home he showed it to his mother, but the mother said it was just a mosquito bite. The boy was angry. When he waked up the morning he had giant sharp tooth like a Vampire he showed it to his mom, but the mom still did not care. So the boy decided to make the red spot where he was bitten by a bat more bloody, so he added some red paint in his bitten spot and showed it to his mother. The mother screamed loudly and decided he should go to the hospital. When he was at the hospital he had the feeling he wanted to bite someone really much. So when the nurse people came the boy stood up and bit the nurse. The nurse said there was a problem with the boy so they took a look at him. But when the boy sat down in front of the hospital bed, his skin started to burn, it was the sunlight!!!When the doctor saw his skin he noticed he was a vampire and he had to ware something that could protect him from the sunlight so his skin would not get burned anymore, and he also needed to sleep in a coffin just like a vampire because the boy had become a vampire. But the most important thing about the new life of the vampire boy, is that he had to take a whole blood pack to drink every morning when he wakes up, so he could prevent biting people instantly when he wants to.

Character Evaluation:

I think the boy is a lot handsome, and listen’s to the direction of vampire he had to follow, but he is also not really sure about his new vampire life.


What would happen if you would have a vampire life and had to sleep in a coffin, drink blood every morning, ware a poncho every time you go near the sun. Your life would maybe be hard because you can’t eat your favorite food like chocolate because you have to drink blood instead. But at least you could know all the informations about vampires because you have done the experience of being a vampire, and so you could tell other people about the experience you had past, and that it was good, or bad, and also think about it really carefully do you really want to get bitten by a bat and have to do all that other stuff like drinking blood every morning, or sleeping in a coffin, think about it. Your life will be a lot different if you get bitten by a bat.

Captain Underpants #10


George and Harold had defeated their evil twins. But the evil twins before they were defeated with there evil captain underpants they had robbed a bank.So George, and Harold, and Mr.Krupp went to jail, and in the jail Professor Poopypants was here in jail with a new invention and name. His new name was tippy tinkle trousers, and he was here to have his revenge from captain underpants and, especially George, and Harold.

Character Evaluation:

George, and Harold in my opinion have great ideas and are really smart, but sometimes silly.

Connection: This book makes me think of the movie called Captain Underpants its just the same story of George and Harold in the book Captain Underpants.


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