"That's my nindo, my ninja way!" - Naruto

A New Civilization! (it’s a real-life simulation)

Today we took part in a simulation during Humanities, and it was awesome! We had to complete tasks such as “creating a new language”, creating and building a “top secret invention”, and “building temples”, all of which encouraged teamwork. I was in a group with Samuel, Ryan, Jiyuan, and Reagan, and I took on the task of creating the language. We basically decided who did what by calling/announcing out each role and if you were interested then you had the job! When we ran out of jobs and we had one person still unemployed, we decided he could help wherever he wanted. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was speed in accomplishing the objective as well as great cooperation in deciding on our roles. Because of this, we progressed pretty quickly(we finished each of them really quick) through the tasks. If I could do this activity again, I would try to minimize our team/civilization’s delay between tasks which partly caused us to not be able to finish in time. I feel like if we had another go at it, we could definitely succeed. 😛  

Rock On!(literally)

Today is One Day!

It’s a school activity over the span of one school day, and you can choose what you do!

Why is One Day important? One Day is important because it allows students to have the chance to try and engage in something that they normally would not have the chance/time to do.  I chose Rock Climbing, and I did it because I like to consider myself a really sporty guy, so I chose the only sports option(pretty much) on the list of options. I learned A LOT and began instinctively using terms that I have previously never heard!

What did I do well? I did pretty well(I think) at rock climbing though it was really scary at times.

What challenges did I face? I didn’t do so good at hanging onto the wall for long periods, so I went for speed.

What did I do/make? Ethan Anderton and I created a poster explaining holds:

Our holds poster!

Ninja in action!

Victory at last!

Funerary Processes

Andy, Bill, and I had the wonderful opportunity to create an informative video about an aspect of Ancient Egypt of our choice. We chose to make it about funerary processes, because who wouldn’t want to do it about mummies and pyramids! We’re pretty happy with the results, but if we had more time, we could definitely make it way better. I hope you guys learned something new about the Ancient Egyptians’ funerary processes from our video! 😀

Citations coming soon!

River Please?

There is controversy on whether it is better to live closer to the river or farther. I would definitely cast my vote to the “live closer to the river” side because of a variety of reasons. 


Firstly, I would like to address the convenience aspect of this decision. Water is an essential source for survival and living closer to the water means a shorter distance to travel in order to obtain this invaluable resource, which means you have a lesser chance of running into predators, injuring yourself, or some other unfortunate event. Getting devoured just for some water is NOT fun, trust me. 


Secondly, the agriculture aspect of this must also be considered. Water is also crucial for keeping plants alive, farming and agriculture. The soil and land close to the river will be more fertile and moist and in general, better to farm on than the land farther away from the river. Digging canals for long distances is extremely difficult, and considering all the constant maintenance and frustration you will have, you’ll probably be better off living closer to the river.  


Thirdly, you never know what the river could be used for! You could wash clothes, have a bath, catch some fish, go for a swim, and who knows? 


Last but not least, water transport and communication are invaluable tools for almost all major civilizations. Mankind has seemingly been using it for all eternity, and it was a CRUCIAL tool in the development of mankind into who we are today. 


Do you want to get eaten or injured just getting some water? Do you want to spend all your time digging and cleaning a canal that probably isn’t that efficient? Do you want to be landlocked and have to go everywhere on foot with shoddy shoes? If your answers to these questions are no, then you will definitely want to live closer to the river. 


Early Humans and Us : Technology

For Humanities we created a Thinglink and here it is! 😛


Stayin’ Warm (and cool)

In action!

Our storyboard.

Flat layout!

Andy and I worked together to create a cup insulator/sleeve to reduce heat loss during the chilly Beijing winter, which we named AA Café Model 1 and I felt proud because I came across many ideas that I loved, and so we decided to use (for the most part) my design, and it turned out pretty well. If we could redo the whole thing I would make it EVEN SIMPLER by attaching the coaster to the body so it is all one piece. I would also sew the coaster up better. The hardest thing about this project was deciding who would get to take the Model 1 home because we both wanted it VERY MUCH. We settled it with rock, paper, scissors. We both LOVED it because it looked great (we think),  and it worked great. It is made from an insulator fabric/rubber material that is VERY durable and flexible and went hand in hand with my design. (and it looked awesome) It is also very convenient to store and put on/take off, due to our using Velcro, and simple design. I reckon we did fine because we tested and calculated that the model 1 saved 8 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes. From this project, I learned a lot of skills like working with others, design, and blogging. (haha!) I couldn’t include a picture of my other “Penguin Project” because the teachers took it away before I could get a picture of it. Thanks for viewing!

Bicycle Kick!

This is my Cranky Contraption, a project I made for Design.

My greatest success was watching my contraption finally work after much hard work.

Skills that I learned or developed were how to use a drill and how to use a loop jig.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to use better and stronger wire. (just like the wire connecting the ball and the sponge)

“You also got better at speaking pirate. Yarrr!” –Mr. Layman

Where I’m From

This is the poem that I wrote in Humanities about “where I’m from”! Hope y’all enjoy it!


Sandy! (our water filter)

Dylan and I created a sand filter out of cloth, some plastic bottles, shoelace, and sand. It worked rather well for filtering dirty water.

My Feelings on Blogging


I am feeling very excited about blogging this year because I want to have a good look at my blog a few years later and have a good laugh! (I’m super hyped for that) I am at the same time worried because I might not have enough time to work on it, with all the schoolwork.



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