"Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack." - Unknown

Black Widow Wrist Cuff


One obstacle I successfully overcame is that I didn’t find any videos about how to make this product. So I had to figure it out myself. Mr.Layman gave me an idea about making the bullets out of toothbrush rods when I was in hesitation. It turned out better than I expected to and I am quite satisfied with my product.

If I made this product again, one thing I’d do differently is using spray paint instead of brushing. It is faster and it is also able to paint the inside and holes where the brush couldn’t reach and paint. The product I made this time has certain places were the paint fell off and some other places that had thicker layers of paint.

My greatest success through this class was I developed my creativity and learned to use materials as alternatives for the originals that weren’t available. I used the toothbrush rods as bullets and added the velcro as an attachment since the cloth I had wasn’t big enough for covering my whole wrist.

Flamingo Cranky Contaption

From this project, my biggest success was solving the problem of the holes I drilled wrong on the bar. I added the thank you note and the ribbon to cover it. It covered the extra holes and made my cranky contraption more visually appealing. I liked it very much and thought that it was a very smart solution.

One skill I learned by making this product is using the drill. Before I didn’t know how to use the drill and didn’t know to attach and use the parts of the drill. Now I know that there are different drills for drilling different sizes of holes and on different materials. I also found out how to attach the battery on to the drill and charge it.

Overall, I think this product is successful because it is visually appealing and works quite well. The materials used for this cranky contraption is all biodegradable and sustainable as well. It looked the way I expected and quite the same the way it was drawn on the draft paper.

G6 Civilisation Spring Trip

During the spring trip we experienced in May 22nd~24th, I learned to make black paint out of charcoal, saw bamboo, and toast marshmallow and sausages. I really enjoyed making paint even though it made me very dirty because I find it very fun to smash charcoal into small bits, add water to mix it. It was very enjoyable to write and draw on stone tablets and wood, which represents the landmarks and symbol of the “Low Landers”—–our civilization. If I have to give a bit of advice to the next group that’s going on the trip, I’d say that better bring swimsuits and water shoes because there is about an 80~90% chance of falling into the water when water rafting. Overall this trip was super fun and actually, I wished for more time to stay in the woods and develop our civilization.



The Ancient Chinese Civilisation & Tea

In Humanities class we learned about different ancient civilisations and one of it’s achievements. My group and I researched and learned about the ancient civilisation China and one of it’s most important achievements, Tea. This video we made teaches some basic facts of China, the foundation of tea, uses of tea and how is tea related to the culture of Chinese people.

Day One Simulation Reflection–Ancient Mesopotamia

Today we did an activity in groups of creating a rich civilisation. My group and I planned the laws, architecture, written language, trade and weapon.

During the activity, I personally worked on the architecture with Alex. As a group, we divided the work by our own choices. Alex and I worked on the architecture, Gracie and Giwon worked on the laws and Lia worked on written language. I think that our biggest accomplishment as a civilisation was trading. We had extra resources and were able to trade easily with another civilisation for what we needed. Our weakest point as a civilisation was the laws, there were some little arguments on the punishments and how harsh it is. If I could do this again, I would change the way we trade, to send someone to other civilisations or the trading circle but not wait. This would make my group get what we need in a fewer amount of time. And so we can start our secret invention earlier and may have a chance to finish earlier than other civilisations.

The Relationship Between Early Humans, Modern Humans and Their Diet

In Humanities class, we learned about Early Humans and their community, technology, and diet. I was in the diet group which learned about the relationship between early humans, modern humans & their diet. This Thinglink below shows all the works I have done for this project during the last two weeks. My works include one paragraph, one timeline, one infographic and one primary source I have found for early humans and modern humans each. I also have cited my researches and information founded using NoodleTools.

The Amazing Design of Rockhoppers

I am very proud of the design that my group and i have made. The penguin dwelling that the for of us made is environmentally friendly, and it have prevented a lot of cold lost. If I can make one again, then I would try different materials and see if it would work better. For the cup insulator, it is environmental friendly as well, have prevented heat loss and also looked quite good. If I have another chance to make it, I would add some decorations to it to make it look more graceful so there will be a greater chance costumers would buy it. Throughout this unit and project, I have learned to think about if a material or thing if environmental friendly or not. I will also think about the materials of the thing I am going to buy, if it is the best material that works.

I Am From Fairytales and Smiles

This is my narrative poem I wrote in Humanities class about where I’m from and my identity and life. At the start we listed some lists to gain ideas. After that we started to write our first draft and pick memorable ideas from our lists. After editing our poems, we copied our poems to Storybird and made it into an iMovie where we recorded ourselves reading our poems and added music to make it even better. I worked really hard and I am really proud of this poem I wrote.

MS: feeling like a kitty cat!

School have started two weeks ago, and I was asked how I felt about Middle School. Well, this new school gave me an awesome impression and I feel like a curious little kitty which just moved to a new house! I feelabsolutely excited about school and can’t wait to explore more of middle school!


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