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My Project was a ID disc from tron: legacy but I used my own color scheme instead of the normal blue or orange.  It gives me a personal touch to my project. It’s made from hot glue, foam and cardboard. Amusingly this can actually fly! If thrown correctly.

The thing that went well was that everything fit together nicely, but I should of painted the rings individually then glue them together, that way, it will look smoother. Next time, I will plan out my project better. One piece of advice I would give to someone, would be always plan before you do it. You thank yourself later.



Cranky Contraptions!

My cranky contraption is a autohammer it uses a crank mechanism and i used a cap instead of a piece of foam, it looks better that way. One massive problem that I faced was the arm, because the popsicle sticks were very weak so they break easily, i fixed that by adding an extra layer, next time, I should make the arm more stable. Also, the wire was kept snapping the sticks so I used a pipe cleaner, easy to bend and strong.

overall, I’m proud of my cranky contraption. 😀

Humanities simulation

During the simulation, we managed to make a sturdy civilization, even though we had very little supplies. As a group we split the work up. One of us did the language, another did the temple design and the I helped with the laws. Our greatest strength was that we made our secret invention first. But one thing we can improve was the amount of laws.

Next time, there will be more laws. And more supplies


At first I wanted to make a pencil case but the plastic simply stuck to the mold, I can’t chip it out. so I decided to do my Plan B. my plan B was to make an envelope from the plastic bag. But then I thought : I can Also make a Flag! so that’s what I did.  I used the plastic panini press (Joke) to layer the plastic. And in the end, It looked very nice!

Like what they say: if at first you don’t succeed try, try again!

Precious plastics

My one day activity is precious plastics, I choose this activity because we’ve GOT to do something about our plastic problems, right now there is a patch of garbage in the pacific ocean that is BIGGER that the state of texas! we must do our part to save the earth.  My one day project will be a pencil cup because at home I always misplace my pencils, I shall be using the mold to make it.

IV news

Humanities debate



My claim was living near the river offer not one, not two but countless benefits to early man. It offered a good supply of water, food and fertile soil, living near the Nile was a HUGE benefit to the ancient Egyptians where they grew good crops and ate good food. They even called themselves the Blacklanders because they say their bodies were made from the rich black soil from the Nile river by one of their gods. This rich black soil offered them to grow tasty and fertile crops.

Early Humans and us

This is my thinglink on early humans.

Where Im From…

This is my Where I’m from Poem for humanities I made it with Storybird, Voiced it with GarageBand And put it together with imovie.

Island Survival Challenge

This is our water filter for our design challenge we used sand, cloth and cotton . The 3 filters among with the sand made the water clean but the dirt in the sand made it a bit murky but overall it worked pretty well, you have to change the cotton at times because it gets dirty but it does purify it.

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