Win is Not Important

This book is about two friend having a race. When they pass a lot of people, but they see a little boy who was not using the bout well. Todd want to help but it is the last time they could win the race because next year they will be too old. But Todd stall want to help and they do. When they help, they learn winning is not always important .

In my mind having race is just fun. Winning is just best, but doing that is just having fun. The race is made to having fun, people want to win because it makes them have fun too and it makes them feel good. If they did not have fun, why would people play that.

In the story Todd helps the little boy who might not win. Helping people is fun and it makes you fell good. Fun and safe is important too. No one will like a race with no fun. In a race, having fun is everything in game.

I like to play the game Four Kingdoms. I did not always win but it is still fun. I also like to play kick ball because it is fun too.  I like to win but since I do not always win, having fun is important. I like kick ball because it’s fun to play.

Nate the Great

Nate is a boy who thinks himself is a detective. The first character trait is Nate is helpful. Because he helps people to find the things that they lost. The other character trait is Nate likes pancakes, pancakes, pancakes and a lot of pancakes. But he did not like to eat it on the job but he needed to keep his strength. The last character trait is Nate is clever. Because he could find things well, like he finds the missing picture but he finds the cat in an accident. Nate is a good detective.

The Magic Stone

  1. Summarize what happened in this story. Include important events from the beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Do you believe the stone was magic or just a rock? Explain your opinion with evidence from the book.

1.In the start because Kirby saved a man so he got a magic stone and. In middle he used it to he have some wish if he rubbed it and wished it will work. In the end if he wish it did not work and a girl lost her necklace and Kirby wished the last time and it worked. In the end of end he saved the rock and did not use it.

2.I think the rock is a just a rock because if he do the things hard, it will work. He got the pie because he asked for a long. The project he do it hard it work. Help find necklace it work it is the same, because he do it hard. Last the book tell some thing rill, is if people doing things hard it mostly will work.

Out of Gas

Question1: What questions would you ask the author if you could?

My question is. I don’t understand why Kim and Fiz did not just give some Mish to Neg and Poz and make them go? If they just do that it will be nothing happened. Why Kim and Fiz zapped Neg and Poz it is a fell to get on earth and later make it gone? And it will west time and be sad about that. Can author answer that question?

Question2: Most important or interesting character and why?

Most important character is Trey. Because if it did not have Trey, the blobs will stay on earth or be zapped. But why did blobs don’t want to stay on earth? Trey is good he wants to help blobs in best. But he needs a science idea but blobs ship uses gas to move so he use that for idea in the end it use that idea for the fair. I like it I hope it have the second  book.



Today we went to the cooking lab.  The 3 things I learned about fractions is that they are important.   We can not put the things together in one and another.  Cooking is not that easy.   The last one was why we need batter because make the air going in to it. When it was finished it tasted good. I like cooking.

Days With Frog and Toad

Frog and Toad were good friends and they were live very happy. Frog is helpful because he tries to make Toad do the work it need. Like when Toad needs to do some things like water the plant, Frog will make him do it. And Frog is a story teller too, Frog likes to tell the story to Toad. Like the one that is about Old Dark Frog. And another character is Toad and he is scared with the scary story. Like when Frog tell the Old Dark Frog story Toad was scared. Toad is kind to Frog. Like when Frog gave him a present Toad will wear it don’t care if it is too big. They live good, because they are good to each other. Like Frog be along because he like Toad and Toad go to find Frog because they are friend.  Frog and Toad is good and I think other people can be the same.