Day one Simulation Reflection-Mesopotamia

Today in class our teacher makes a game that put we in different civilization. During the activity, I personally made the one law. As a group we did not divide the work load up.In my group, we decide to make the written language first, this way we can trade the stuff we need, but we did not divide the work well, it was like just one people was working, and trading a t the end we did not have tape, so we couldn’t make the catapult and at last, Nick’s team is finish so we lose. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was making the writing language fast. Our weakest point as a civilization was we did not divide the job. If I could do this activity again, I would divide the job that we can do it faster.

One day for a big game

My inspiration for this week is this picture

This is the box that put the Jenga and the picture under is what it look like when it start to play. When we make it we decided to sand all the block because it is to sharp that can hurt other people.

The best thing is it is safe and I learn how to sand it, the biggest on a block it have a part fall down and I use glue gun to solve it. On one day, when we do the stuff that teacher ask we can learn on it and we can have fun on it that important.

Close to water

In early farmer they can live close to water or far away to water I will choose closer because it is easy to get water and the air is wet, so they did not need to water the plant a lot and when animal go to drink water, they can attack them, and they can catch fish too. If they are close to water, they can drink water to make them strong and this why they are more safe so because of this good stuff I’ll choose closer to water.

Win is Not Important

This book is about two friend having a race. When they pass a lot of people, but they see a little boy who was not using the bout well. Todd want to help but it is the last time they could win the race because next year they will be too old. But Todd stall want to help and they do. When they help, they learn winning is not always important .

In my mind having race is just fun. Winning is just best, but doing that is just having fun. The race is made to having fun, people want to win because it makes them have fun too and it makes them feel good. If they did not have fun, why would people play that.

In the story Todd helps the little boy who might not win. Helping people is fun and it makes you fell good. Fun and safe is important too. No one will like a race with no fun. In a race, having fun is everything in game.

I like to play the game Four Kingdoms. I did not always win but it is still fun. I also like to play kick ball because it is fun too.  I like to win but since I do not always win, having fun is important. I like kick ball because it’s fun to play.