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Ancient Egypt Video

This is a project where we picked a civilisation and mine was Egypt. During this project we chose an innovation and we chose the door lock. We did lots of research on it and at last we used pixton to make a video of it. Enjoy!!!

Day 1 simulation reflection (Ancient Mesopotamia)

During this activity our class got split into groups to build a civilisation. During this activity we traded, made laws, designed a temple, made a language, and at last we opened the top secret envelope and we made the top secret item to win the simulation(even though we didn’t win I still had fun).

During the activity I designed a temple with Akina. We drew a layout of the floor of the temple.

As a group we divided the work load by Grace doing the laws with Jiwon, Lia doing the written language, and me and Akina doing the architecture. Later after the laws and language were approved by Ms.Shannon we could trade. Jiwon did the trading process. We chose what each other did by doing what we like. Our biggest accomplishment was that we actually got to the part where we could open the envelope and we were all having fun.

Our weakness is that we could not stick tape onto things and we got kind of lost while making our catapult. This happened because we should have found out how it works before we built anything.

If I could do this activity again I would cooperate more as a team and make sure the tape sticks onto the craft stick. This would be better because we could have prevented lots of mistakes.


Early and modern human communities

This is my thinglink that I did in humanities. I was in the community group so I had to find out about the communities of modern humans and modern humans.

Middle school is like a coconut


Middle school is like a coconut it’s hard, but I like it.

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