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Stand-Up Comedy 3

What did you do well?

I had many punchlines

I made gestures

I used facial expression

What did you learn?

(Mentioned above)

What challenges did you face and overcome?
(Mentioned above)

Why is one day important?

Students have more choice in one day.

Stand-Up Comedy 2

What worked well:

I made eye contact with the audience.

I changed the tone and volume of my voice.

I collected many jokes.

What didn’t work well:
The length of my stand-up comedy

The punch-lines

Stand-Up Comedy

What am I doing?

I am doing Stand-Up Comedy. Specifically a hilarious report on iPhone XS with numerous false information.

What are the challenges?

I am primarily worried about the audience getting bored from my false information. I am also concerned about not acquiring enough eye contact with the audience when I am staring at my computer.

What do you hope to learn?

I hope to learn how to make people laugh.


This is my Early Humans and Modern Humans Project. We first learned about early humans, then, we split into three groups: Community, Diet, and Technology. I was in the Diet Group, and this is the ThingLink that I created.

Save the Penguins!

Just before the cup design challenge (see preceding post), we did another design challenge called “Save the Penguins”, which is similar to the former but also different. The goal is to keep an ice cube as cool as possible instead of keeping hot water as hot as possible as in the cup design challenge.

Our design is made with hot-glued mylar

Our biggest success is having an organized storyboard.

Our biggest difficulty is getting along with each other.

Original Mass Final Mass Mass Lost              Cost (Squid)

Original Design:          42.36              22.64          19.72                             200

Revised Design:          17.85                5.99           11.86                              200

We have limited materials to make this design, the total cost of our materials can’t exceed 200 “squid”, which is all the money we have.

Cup Design Challenge!

In this science unit, we “group-designed” an insulator on a cup, we have the following aims while designing:

  1. The goal is to trap inside the cup as much heat as we can with the insulator.
  2. It has to be removable and has to last long.
  3. This is a group project involving two people.
  4. This design has to look good.
  5. This is a group project (in this case involving Alex and Aaron.

To test, we poured hot water into the cup and also used a thermometer to record the temperature of the water after five and ten minutes. Our final design, final edition looks like this when compared to a hand.

Materials: 1 wood, 1 cardboard, 8 tape, 2 fabric, 2 velcro, 1aluminum foil.

Reflection 1-5

Self Partner Classmate

I can easily drink from this cup:  4           3                  2

I can easily remove this:                  5           4                  5

I would buy this in a store:             4           3                  2

This fits the cup well:                         4           4                 4

Stats in testing

degrees Centigrade                          Original After five minutes After ten minutes

Cup without insulator:                         80                      70                                    64

Cup with first edition insulator:      87                      77                                    73

Cup with second edition insulator:80                      76                                    70

Our biggest difficulty is trying to agree on the same materials.

Alex’s dream materials: Tape, Wood, Straw, Drill

Aaron’s dream materials: Velcro, Foil, Fabric, Hot glue

Our biggest success is finally agreeing on the same materials despite that being our greatest difficulty.


This is a cranky contraption that I made in design class. Below are my three prompts for reflection:

My biggest success was defeating all the other cranky contraptions.

Overall, I think this product is very successful since its strength is even far greater than the strength of all the other cranky contraptions combined.

My biggest obstacle is Mr. Layman. He was trying to throw my cranky contraption into the trash.

A piece of cake

The thing I am feeling about middle school this moment is that it is like a piece of cake!

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