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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

During the activity, I personally did mostly trading. I liked were we worked very fast on trading and getting people to trade with us. As a group, we divided the group load up by some people trading and some gathering supplies. Our biggest accomplishment was that we gathered every supply we needed to build the secret machine. Our weakest point in our civilization was we didn’t have enough time to build the secret machine. If I were to do this activity again we would work faster on the WRITTEN LANGUAGE so we would have more time on building the secret machine

Thinglink Early Humans

This is my thinglink on early humans.

Ancient Egypt

This is the video about Ancient Egypt libraries.

with Steve, Alex, and Tejomay.

we used green screen.

The Lost Plate – One Day Grade 6

What We Did Well

We were organized we finished our recording before lunch and after we did the editing.

We all brought props for the video.

I Learned that doing stopmotion is easy but uses a lot of patience.

And practice.

One Challenge we faced was when we could’nt make some lego minifigures stand up how we fixed it was we tied a string and held the string up.

One Day is important because it will let you learn different things and have fun with different things.

One Day (Stop Motion Animation)

22 Jan, 2019

This year in One Day im doing Stop Motion Animation with Matthew and Clarence.

I am new to Stop Motion. On a scale of 1 – 10 im a 0.8. This year we are gonna use Lego and Food to make a video.


This is a WAT∑R FILT∑R I made it with Jinho and Lucas.  We made it using ROCK, STEEL WOOL, FINE SAND,  CLOTH, and RUBBER BAND.

It worked out very well.

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