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Imagination is more important than knowledge.- Albert Einstein

Maya Civilization- Rubber

This is a video that we did about the ancient Maya Civilization, an invention about it and we choose rubber as our study, we have to research and do a video about the invention. I get to work with Hanna and Emily Barber, we didn’t do a skit but we present it in a funny way and I think it’s quite a successful video.  And down below is the video.

Day One Simulation Reflection – Ancient Mesopotamia

This is an activity that we did in humanities, we trying to imitate what it’s like during that time in that country. Even though we didn’t win, but we still learned a lot of things in the back.

As a group, we loaded the work by like what people are more comfortable with so they can express their best attitude in a small amount of time even though we didn’t get to won but we think that we did our best at what we’ve done.

Our biggest accomplishment is that we made a good law that everyone could follow, and so we can strictly be more a collaborate country with each other and we also did well on our trading from missing a lot of things to get all the things we did made a big step in that.

Our weakest point is that we’re not so ahead on the architecture we didn’t actually made it and also, we need to work on to make a more readable language, at first, we didn’t really care about the architecture, but at last, we find that it’s actually important.

If I could do this again I would be more careful at every little part and try to do everything evenly so that we might win, but to get good material at first is also good if you don’t have as many resources you won’t be ahead of other team/culture.




One Day- Teacher for a day

For one day,  my group and I did the teacher for a day which we are teaching the second grader. Which was really tiring and fun, and we prepare for a long time to make it the best for the second graders. A teacher can be fun if you are only doing for a little time but especially being an es teacher is especially tiring, we prepare one week for the whole day. And the second graders were very nice and cute to play with and teach but just by preparing the items I am never doing a teacher again, the kid only listening to the true teacher but not really listen to a new teacher. It was a great experience to teach little kids.

Early and Modern Human Community

This is the project that we are working on in humanities we have 4 primary sources 1 timeline 2 infographics and 2 paragraphs. We have work on this project in humanities for one week and we represent our final project in a Thinglink image, and please enjoy.

Awesome Projects

Penguin design

I am proud of my penguin dwelling design because the first design didn’t work that well it even transfer some thermal energy in to the ice cube, but the second design worked really well. If I had another chanceI will do difference on my outlook design. For ours the hardest thing is that you have to cut every piece out and glue them black together, it was not easy to do.


This is my cup insulator.

I am proud of the felt and the out side design  and it’s really pretty and the redesign worked out better than the first design and it only lost 8c compare to the first design which lost 10c the redesign is better. I f I had another chance I will do differently on the inner design because we didn’t have that much time to decorate the inside so the inside is only foil which isn’t as pretty as the outside. For ours the hardest thing is that to find materials because for the first design we us e cardboard and it can’t fold so we use felt to use for redesign.


Awesome project

Quick overview: This is the cranky contraption I made on design class.


My biggest success is that I have cut the Totoro out in the shape I like. And it turned out really well and it worked. I also think a part of the tree and the apple which shows how cute the Totoro is.

My biggest obstacle was that I originally want the Totoro to stay in the front whole time, but it didn’t work so I have to change it to Totoro doing flips. And the Totoro was supposed to hold a umbrella.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to try to make the Totoro stay in front so it look more cute. And also I will try to make some paint so it may look better and more Awesome.

I am from Family and Love Myself

This is a poem about the life of me and what I enjoy and what I live like. And we were working on this poem to add list and adding Figurative language to make the poem good. Also we have work on the poem for 5 days and we really work hard on this poem to make the final product.

Science Project

This is a project to help clean dirty water.



My middle school life is like this minion, it’s happy and like the life. Me too, I love middle school sooooo much! Middle school is fun and crazy and it is the life I want. I am so happy that I was in Middle school, it had made me soo happy and thinking off how fun next day will be like. I love middle school! 😃

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