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Plastic pollution, not just the tip of the iceberg

This is my informational article about plastic pollution. Lots of people know that plastic pollution is a very concerning problem that the world is facing, right now there are lots of people trying to help. This article can tell you how to help and a bit of information on how it is made and what can it do. Please enjoy my feature article.

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Plastic Pollution Not Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

My marble machine automata

This is my Automata I am very proud of my automata because it works and it took lots of time to make. My biggest success is was making the automata on time because we had a time-limit for like 10 or more classes. My biggest obstacle was cutting the wood because the wood is some times hard and some times the wood has lots of knots and some of them stink when you cut them. The skills I learned was drill before you screw and wear goggles when you cut and drill. If I had to change something I would put a popsicle stick on the side of the brick so the marble won’t fall off.


One Day

For my one day, I picked the writing workshop because I want to improve my writing skills. I did very well because I wrote 1,418 words in 1 day which is amazing because I don’t write that much. I like this one day group because it helps you to write and improve which is great. The challenge I faced is writing for 8 hours straight so I had 5-minute break every 15 minutes.


This is my early humans and our project is about Homo sapiens technology before the iron age. Hope you enjoy.

Cup Insulator

This is my final product it is a cup insulator it keeps the cup warm and good for drinking hot stuff. The materials needed to make this was bubble wrap, cardboard, felt and wood. The inside layer is bubble wrap so it can reduce the heat from the cup the 2nd layer was made out of cardboard to also insulate the heat coming out. The last layer was about making the cup look good and make it insulate more so we can get more heat. I am very proud of my design because it looks good and it is light and it insulates heat very well. I would want to change the bubble wrap to styrofoam to insulate more heat. The hardest thing about this product was trying to cut the wood because it is really strong so we just used veneers and we got wood. The quality of the cup insulator is good it doesn’t just break apart it stays together and it works very well. I learned lots of new things like use veneers when you try to cut wood and use styrofoam instead of bubble wrap. photo another photo

I Am From Poem

This is a poem about me and my family and about my life. Please enjoy.

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