One Day: Rock Climbing

I made this poster with my group you can see it in This link .The poster is about climbing jargons, such as dynoing ( it means to jump up reaching for a hold) then after that, we started to climb a wall one was easy one was hard, I had a lot of fun. After that, it was lunch, for lunch I ate cheese pizza, after that, I went to the library and read a comic, and now I will climb again.

What did you do well?

What I did well was that I can climb the chimney up pretty high.

What did you discover?learn?

I learned that even though rock climbing looks easy, but it is actually very hard.

What challenges did you face?

My challenge is that many of the holds were small and hard to grab, how come over them was that I would just skip them or just try to grab them.

Why do you think one day is important?

I think one day is important because it allows people to do what the want and let them try something new.

Down here are some pictures of me climbing:

My Poem

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