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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Task: Answer the following prompts on a Word document. You have sentence stems to help you begin. Please write this as a paragraph or multiple paragraphs. Then, copy/paste the document onto your blog as a new post.

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Provide a brief description of the activity then….
During the activity, I personally worked on the architecture. I drew a little blueprint of the building and George helped me for the second floor too.
As a group, we divided the work load up by just choosing what we wanted to do and because I didn’t know what’s best for myself, Emily C choose me to work on architecture. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was we had a lot of stuff to trade and we didn’t have negative thoughts about each other. We also helped other groups with tape.

Our weakest point as a civilization was we were all rushing and our catapult was not really good, but it still worked out.

If I could do this activity again, I would change into trade, because everytime I saw Emily C pleading other groups for recources, it made me laugh.


My One Day Creation

this is the colour im choosing to make the bowl with:

i chose to use this colour because not only it is my favourite colour, and it reminds me of going snorkeling.

this is the colour im choosing for my cup holder:

i chose this colour because it is very clean, and because i also like the colour white. i am going to make the cup holder first while i            wait for the bowl molder.

this is what it looks like before it was turned-

the one on the left is mine, and the one on the right is Judy’s. because the pan was too big, we decided to share. we both wanted              to make a cup holder. we put parchment paper under our plastic pieces in able to get them out without sticking onto the pan.


we waited for 3 hours.. (or maybe more)


as we waited, i decied to use this colour as my bowl-

i used this colour because it looks very sweet and colourful, and would light up our house, and is perfect to put candy in because            our house is now overflowing with candy and we don’t know what to do with them.

it is finally our turn to put our cup holder into the heater.

i finished a small blue bowl and a white cup holder at the end. (this is what it turned out after)-

then i sanded the bowl’s edges(even though i could’ve kept the design)

i didnt have enough time to make the third one, also i dont want to make one anymore because the colour i chose was not melting quite well, as the other people say. i had a great experience and will sign up for precious plastics next time on One Day.

Ancient China Project

This video is about ancient china and the invention of silk that me and my two partners created. it will give you basic info about ancient chinese civilizations. hope you enjoy!!

My One Day Inspiration

This is my inspiration for one day
I wanted to create this simple and useful piece of product because I like to drink tea (especially green tea) and because I spill my water the WHOLE TIME, I wanted to make myself a place I can put my cup and not spilling my water onto the table. I took inspiration from this picture from, and i thought that maybe i will do something like that! so i decided to use this as my inspiration, but i will change the colours.

this is my other inspiration for one day

because i thought that the first one was too small and easy, and that i would easily finish it under 1 hour, so i decided to make two bowls for my friends and family. i chose this because it is very useful for putting stuff in it like fruits, eggs (for cooking) and many other stuff. also it is very beautiful and will encourage others to recycle plastic into products like these.

In humanities class we are working on human communities over time. we cited our works and used text-based evidence to support our sentences and thinking. We also created a thinglink to show all our work.

Mug Experiment

This is our mug product.

It is made for the water inside the cup to stay warm for longer. we used black wool because black-colored materials absorb sunlight to get warm. plus, wool is also made to keep warm in cold days. for the layer we wrap around the cup we first cut tro long pieces of black wool, then we placed some cotton inside one of them, then put the other piece of wool directly on top of the two materials, and last, we sew them together. for the lid, i first cut a long piece of thin black cotton, then cut a piece of circular wool, them sew them together. because i accidently made a mistake, i decided to sew a smiley face on the messed-up part. because we worked at different places, there wasn’t enough grey colored ones, so i sew the other side of the circle with red colored ones, then i thought it looked like a pokéball, so i sew a line in the middle with a circle.

My Cranky Contraption

This is my cranky contraption. It is based on the movie “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON”.

I used this as my design because it’s my favourite movie, and because I started
drawing this character (Toothless) since I was only 4, so I am very good at drawing
My biggest success when I made this automata was that it worked when I tried to
make both flaps flap (it was now very good but at least it works!).

My biggest failure was that I wasted a lot of wire, because I needed a very long
piece (you could see from the picture above).
What I enjoyed the most working on this project is EVERYTHING!! Design is my favourite
enrichment and I’ll sign up for design enrichment every trimester!

One Type of Cookie

Middle School is great as snickerdoodles!!

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