Food Review Reflection

What I did:

I went around Shine City and River Garden trying food that qualified in the three categories: Breakfast, lunch and dessert. For breakfast, we tried Paul’s Steak and Eggs in River Garden; for lunch we had Tan Tan Da Lu Korean BBQ and Kyo-Sakura in Shine City and for dessert, we had Dunkin Donuts in Shine City.

Why I did it:

I chose food review because  I love eating and writing. I think that with food review we can have some fun trying new foods and learn how to create a report about it.

Some ideas and inspiration I had were from actually going to Shine City. Since I live their one weekend we actually went to eat in the Korean BBQ place, and it was really good. That is why I decided to recommend it to my friends and in the end, we actually had a great time there!

What did you do well?
I think the thing that I did well was helping everyone find a good restaurant. Since I live in that area, I could help recommend some good resternaunts I tried before.

What did you learn?
I learned that you should not force too much food into yourself. I know this might seem stupid, but after stuffing my face I was extremely dizzy on the bus ride back.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
One of the challenges we faced was that our original  Japanese restaurant was not in Shine City and we had to find a new one. We walked for a bit and found a good resternaunt, and *surprise surprise* the food in the new Japanese restaurant was actually really good!

Why is One Day important?

One day is important because you can experiment something you’ve always wanted to do for one day. If you have wanted to do something yet have had no chance to do it, One Day is really fun because you can try it out and decide if you like it or not.

NuWa – the creation of humans – Humanities Film

This is the embed code for a film we made in humanities about ancient China

Early Humans And Us – Community

This is a research project we did in Humanities about early and modern human communities.

Your about to get mugged!

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the revolutionary technology of…


HEATKeep Insulators, TM is the new, state of the art heat insulator which is specially designed for your mug. This extraordinary one-piece wrapping prototype is brought to you by ANPA Technology,  Lydkim Corporations, and Lisa & Company. With the help of many superb engineers, we now finally created a removable, heat-trapping and heat insulating fabric complete with a waterproof lid. You can remove the lid and adjust the shape of the material using the velcro attached to both sides. The black felt with cotton sandwiched in the middle attracts and absorbs the thermal energy releasing, whilst our rubber top prevents steam and heat inside it from escaping. Most importantly, you can even drink, prevent heat loss whenever you want and keep the water in your mug when your not.


During this project, our team learned many things. We are very proud of our simple yet very easy to use velcro straps which connects the whole piece together effortlessly. You can easily adjust the straps to your mug as tight/loose as you want.  One thing we would definitely change is the rubber on the top of the cap. Since the cap top has no insulating purposes,  we should not waste material on it. Additionally, he hardest thing about making this HEATKeep prototype was connecting the bottom and the sides together. We had to use six arms to apply hot glue, stick it on, and hold the bottom in place. It definitely took some trial and error, but in the end we finally got it to stick together. Our engineers had to learn many important skills along the way, such as sandwiching 2 materials, cutting velcro, and attaching velcro to felt.

Even though this HEATKeep insulator had it’s ups and downs, we are happy to say that the final result is pretty high quality. Compared to other insulators, HEATKeep has had one of the least heat losses. The only downside which we hope to fix soon is the hot glue strands all over the prototype. Because so much rubber was used, it accidentally left webs everywhere on the prototype, but other than that the mug is very good material.

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