Gender Inequality Article

This is the article that I wrote on gender inequality. Cat and & I worked on this together for the most part. Here is the pdf:

NEW ULTIMATE Gender Inequality (pdf)

Macrame & Crochet

My first project idea is inspired by these macrame necklaces.

My second is a hanging cat bed or cat hammock.

I might crochet the cat bed.


My third choice is a dreamcatcher, but I’m not too sure what design I want.

This isn’t a dreamcatcher but I like the design and might use it for my dreamcatcher.


Making my macrame keychain went pretty smoothly, and it turned out pretty great! It was actually supposed to be a necklace, but I didn’t have a jump ring or a chain and I used a binder ring instead of a tiny hoop thing that wasn’t openable, so it’s super easy to take off of one thing and attatch to another.

I learned how to do the square knot in macrame, and I also learned that I don’t really like tying knots, and I like crocheting a lot more than macrame. I think that’s because crocheting is a lot easier and I’m lazy.

The cat bed I made was pretty challenging, especially in the beginning, because I didn’t have super thick yarn, and so I used two rolls of the thickest yarn I could find (same color). They weren’t that thick at all, and in the end, I had to crochet another row, but it still turned out a lot smaller than it could’ve been if I’d used thicker yarn. When starting my magic circle, things were pretty confusing because everything was doubled. When making the sides of the cat bed, I began to realize that hooking through the first loop only wasn’t going to work, because everything was starting to bend inwards. I thought the yarn probably wasn’t strong enough, so I started inserting the hook through the top loop, plus strand from the other loop (I could do this because of the doubled yarn). It kind of worked I guess, and now things aren’t as inward-facing (but still flops toward the center). I’m pretty sure for the sides, I missed a few stitches, and there are probably holes here and there, but that wasn’t really my concern at the time since I was starting to run out of yarn and I still needed a lot for the liner inside the cat bed. In the end, I made the liner, but it’s a lot smaller than the cat bed because I did actually run out of yarn. The cat bed didn’t turn out as good as I hoped it would, but I guess it’s up to Latte to decide if it’s good or not.

One day is important because it lets you take a sort of break from school work and homework and stuff for a day or two. It also lets you try new things, or work on your hobbies.


Here are some process photos:




I don’t have any end product photos so too bad i guess.


Latte Sleeping


Early Humans Thinglink


Hi have a cat now


Cute Crotchet Cup Warmer

This is our cup design sketch:

[IMG _1987.png]

I think the hardest thing about making this cup warmer is the fact that we didn’t have the materials we needed, so we had to figure out a way to replace the material using something we had acess to, which was a bit difficult.  If I could go back and do this project again, I would bring my own materials from home, that way we woudn’t have to waste so much time looking for an alternative. I would also not spend so much time on the paper prototype. I think the quality of this mug warmer is excellent. I spent a great deal of time crotcheting the removable and washable cover, and the inner pouch is made of two pieces of leather sewn together. Inside, it has an amazing combination of conductors stuffed in the pouch. This mug insulator is very high quality.

Space-Cat Cranky Contraption

My biggest success with this cranky contraption was the fact that I made it space-themed. I really like the stars on the contraption and also the styrofoam planets, one of which acts as a handle.

The biggest obstacle that I had to overcome was the fact that my wire and styrofoam weren’t cooperating. Most cranky contraptions have the wire sticking out of a thin piece of styrofoam, but I thought that looked a bit ugly so I wanted to hide the excess wire inside of the styrofoam. I cut up a large styrofoam ball and thought hiding it was just gonna be a matter of stuffing all the wire in, but I was wrong. I had to turn it a bunch and let the wire make a hole on the inside the styrofoam so that the contraption would work smoothly.  I had trouble keeping the wire and styrofoam together after that because the connection was too loose.

If I did this again, I would totally use some sort of adhesive to connect the styrofoam and wire together, so no time would be wasted trying to carefully putting it back together and then watching it all fall apart again.  Then I would have time to paint my astronaut cat and make it look more like an astronaut cat.

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