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Egypt–arthur,jiwon and alex.

this video is  a informative but interesting clip about ancient egyptian innovations.we made this in humanities to learn about different ancient civilizations innovations(important creations) and we got egypt. we will talk specifically about the door lock in this video.please enjoy!

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

today, in humanities we did a simulation simulating ancient mesopotamia. it was about making laws,architecture,trading and creating our written language to communicate with the others in the trade circle .we had to imagine that the others spoke in a different languge,therefore we had to have a written language. in our group we gave each other different roles such as the person who designed the temple as needed. our greatest accomplishment was giving each other different roles, such as, the trader. It was all pretty successful in a way but we had a very small supply of materials to create a secret  invention(catapult). we had to create it to win and conquer the other civilizations(teams).we could have improved by working together better and creating better laws.the main challenge was trying to trade our meager supply of material with others who had a abundant amount of material and wanted an equal amount. therefore we ended up losing because we could not find the needed supplies. the next time I do this I will improve by focusing more on the trade part because that was the most difficult for day one we focused on designing the temple so we didn’t get  a lot of people doing the trade and only when all the others finished trading we started trading which was a unsuccessful tactic.

the early and modern humans thinglink

this is my thinglink for our project in humanities about early humans and us.This will include 2 primary sources a paragraph a timeline and a graphic about early humans and us.

MY model for science

for our model we could have improved by adding more filters due to the fact our water was whitish brown and wasn’t really clean

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