I am From Poem

This is a poem about me, that I made in Humanities.

The Gatorade Bottle Water Purifier

During science, Vicky and I made a water purifier. Our main topic was that if we were on a deserted island and there is nothing but things that came from the ocean or the things that came from the beach and floated in the water which landed on the deserted island. My design challenge was, well how was I supposed to make a “water purifier” with a plastic bottle? I think my main design challenge was actually getting an idea how to make the water purifier. What did you choose to design and how does it work? I chose to make the purifier in a plastic bottle because these days,  there are many plastic bottles in the ocean. The materials for our Plastic Bottle Water Purifier was: cloth, pebbles and stones, and a few elastic bands. Basically, our water purifier works like this: The dirty water will go through the pebbles and stones, and then go through the fishnet, and we think that that will probably purify the dirty water.  Scanned Documents

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