HUMANITIES: Human Communities

Recently, we have been studying early humans in Humanities class.  For the closing of this unit, we have been commissioned to write about one of the three topics, which are: DIET;  TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNITY.  I am part of the Community group. My ThingLink is below.

The Not-so Coconut Mug

The cotton wrap part of the prototype is made with 3 layers, which are 2 pieces of felt used to wrap the outside, with cotton in between the 2 pieces of felt.  The cotton is there to trap the coldness and preserve heat better.  Meanwhile, the coconut looking lid is very unique looking, but unfortunately doesn’t really preserve heat that well. This is unfortunate, since our goal is to prevent heat loss. Another major problem for the lid is that it doesn’t fit completely. If I were able to change anything to our (Kelly and I are a group) prototype, I would: Make the lid hole bigger; Add a flap for the lid, and probably add more heat preserving features to our prototype. However, I like that the quality of the cup is good enough, and the fact that it looks store bought(To me). I am kind of proud about my design of the lid, since I used my scheme a lot for the design. This is because I attended the Dragon Design Enrichment, where Mrs Long and Ms Brown taught us how to use TinkerCad.

My Cranky Contraption

This is my Cranky Contraption.
In this scene, Spongebob is on a skateboard….


  1. Overall, I think this product is unsuccessful, because my Crank can’t really move up and down, plus there are unfinished places (You can’t see it in this photo) … This is because the pipe cleaners take up lots of space.
  2. One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to decide your material earlier, and be confident about your plan…… I had trouble finding the right materials and it wasted lots of my time.
  3. My biggest obstacle is finding the right materials…. since I wanted air dry clay at first, but ended up with felt (Took a long time).

The unique game

I know this might sound weird, but my favourite part of the trip was the reflection game. So, before we went off to our Blindfolded walk, Miss Riri (Our group facilitator) introduced us to this quiet but also a fun game. The reflection game. Unlike most other games, this game does not require ANY talking. Well, other than Miss Riri giving us instructions. We had to close our eyes and not talk. She would tap two people on the shoulder and tell them to each tap two other people on the shoulder (Those second set of two people don’t open their eyes, only acknowledge that they are good at that thing), and when they (The original set of twos) are done, they walk back to their places. This game let me know what the group thinks of me and what I should improve on. By far this is my favourite game of the trip…….

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