"If you don't fall, how are you gonna know what getting up is like?" -Stephen Curry

Teacher for the day

Being a teacher is hard but fun, in our first prepping lesson, we thought of what book we should read to the 2 graders. After picking the books, we had to prepare the science materials so each of us collected materials. When all of us entered the classroom, I felt really excited because it was my first time teaching and I thought that I would do a good job, the students were sometimes goofy and sometimes respectful. All the activities have gone well and fun, I enjoyed teaching them. My favorite moment was teaching them how to play the card game because I had a lot of students to teach and they managed to learn it so I’m kind of proud of my self.

Day 1 Mesopotamia Simulation

In humanities class, we had a Mesopotamia Simulation. There was a secret invention in the envelope but before opening it we need to have the materials we needed, trading was the only way to get what you needed with other people. We couldn’t talk to each other but we can use symbols to communicate with each other. After getting all the materials, we can open the secret envelope. The invention was the catapult, we finished building at the same time as the other group. Later on, Ms. Shannon explained why we finished so quickly. It was because we had lots of materials to trade in what we needed and the other groups didn’t, and that’s why cities conquered each other when one is weak. The simulation was interesting because it made us understand how people worked during the Mesopotamia times.

Mayan Civilization

Ms. Shannon chose our civilizations and let us pair groups by ourselves. I got what I wanted which is the Mayan Civilization, This project was really fun because I like to study the Mayan Civilization and I also enjoyed filming. We first researched the Mayan Ball Game then we started filming. George and I helped to do the script and Jett did the video things, the whole project has gone well. I am really satisfied with our video, it was cool to watch. We could improve on the effects because we sometimes didn’t have a chance to use the green screen. Overall, I was satisfied with our video. It was cool to watch!

Early Human Project (Communities)


Save the Penguins!!!!

We had so much fun at doing the Penguin project!!!! The first picture is the penguin insulator of our group, we used foil to help keep heat out of the inside. At last we added a muffin container to put the ice in, and if it melts then the container can hold the water and not let it spill all over the place. The second picture is our cup design, we were really proud of the decorations part because we forgot about it and were just focusing preventing heat loss, my partner later on remembered so we added a strawberry on the cover and an avocado for the cup holder. I think that the hardest part of both of the designs is choosing the right material to use. We shouldn’t have added the cotton in the holder because it barely fits in the cup. I really enjoyed this project!!!

Larry drum skills!!!!!


Larry plays his drum set during developing band, so cool!!!!!

Literary Essay #1

Many people likes to take care of dogs but some don’t. Because some think that they have no spare time to take care and some even thinks that taking care a dog can give them a headache!

In my opinion, it was a pleasure for taking care of a dog, it could release stress and bring happiness, for example, I have a friend that has a pet dog, one day he had a bad mark at the exams, he was sad. But then when he got back home, he saw his dog waiting for him at the door, the day after, he was better.

I talked to a woman that has took care of several dogs, she said before she had dogs, she was so stressed from work that she couldn’t sleep well, but after her friends suggestion, she finally bought a dog, she realized that she got better.

I read a book about dogs saving people, it mostly happen in natural disasters, for example people were trapped in buildings after an earthquake, well dogs could save people by using their nose to sniff out the smell. Some people are scared of dogs have different reasons, the most common one is that people are scared of getting scratched or bitten.

Taking care of a dog is a hard job, some people thinks it is fun to tae care and some doesn’t. People have to buy food and other supplies, they even have to take the dog a walk every dat. I think sometimes it is hard and sometimes it is fun.

Carnival at Candlelight (Part 1)

Merlin has a new important mission for Jack and Annie, they have to save the Lady of Lagoon from a big disaster, they have to travel back in time to Venice, Italy, there was a carnival that night.

After arriving Venice, Jack and Annie began to find the clues, they first went on a lagoon, and headed towards the carnival. there were many people at the carnival having fun, but Jack and Annie still has to finish their mission. They first went to the Saint Marks palace, then the guards wouldn’t let them, but then, 2 clowns were messing around at the entrance! So jack and Annie quickly slipped in to the building.

While Jack and Annie were walking, the guards spotted them, they tried to escape but at last they got caught then the guards putted them in the prison.

George’s Marvelous Medicine

George hates his grandma, she is a miserable old grouch, she likes to do bad thing to George. One day, he had enough of it, he mixed a lot of strange things together and boiled it. He fed the medicine to grandma! At first, Grandma grew taller taller and now she is taller than the house! When mom and dad came back and saw what happened to grandma, mom fainted and dad thought it was marvelous! He could use the medicine to feed the animals! He once fed it to the animals until the medicine ran out, his dad asked George to make the medicine again, George tried but he can’t remember all the ingredients, he tried many times, but none of them work. At last, his grandma thought the medicine was her morning tea so she drank it, even though everyone was telling her not to, but then she kept shrinking until no one can see her ever again.

I think the theme is that people have to be creative to create new things, example like George, he created his own home made medicine!

I SURVIVED The Sinking of the Titanic

George Calder should have been the luckiest kid! He was on the Titanic with his Aunt and his little sister, Phoebe. The ship was incredibly huge, George wanted to explore every inch of the ship, even though it always gets him into trouble. One Mr. Andrew showed George the blueprint, he said the Titanic is the unsinkable ship. but one night, the ship crashed to a ice burg! The ship began to sink, the life boats were not enough so they only allow children and women on board. But then the last boat was full so George didn’t get on the last boat! he was scared, he thought he would not his family again, the ship finally sank, George quickly jumped into the water, the water was freezing cold. He climbed on a door, hoped that he will find a life boat.

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