Awesome Photograph

Cold Fishing


I captured this from the river, and even though it is in the winter but,

people still go fish in the river. I like this because it shows no matter

how cold, people still fish!

I tried to capture the shadow and the man fishing



A Brand New Year


I captured this from the village we went, and they were about to celebrate

Chinese new year. I like this because it shows how other people have their

way to celebrate new year.

I tried to take a picture of a house with words and lanterns!


I got these picture inspiration from my brother, he always take picture in shadow and in celebration.


I learned that now all pictures are perfected and I learned that you always face the sun. Also, I learned how to edit pictures perfectly

It is hard to take a picture at a different angle and make it look good, but I overcome it by keep on testing and looking it good by editing

OneDay is important because it teaches you things but also it very fun!


Early human and Modern human Community

This is my 6th-grade early human project about community made from ThingLink. We did this project so we can learn more about early humans and modern humans from research. In the ThingLink we all made an infographic,  paragraph and primary source pictures about early humans and modern humans.

Mighty Insulation Cup

 Our cup holds the heat inside because we used foil, which reflects heat so it won’t go out of the cup. Also, we use black felt so the outside heat will come in and give heat to the water inside. In the inside, we out some cotton so that it will prevent heat loss. We would not hot glue somethings inside because the water was so hot that it melted the hot glue. The hardest thing for our project is to control our self to use less hot glue and to let the lid stay down. Our quality was not bad because it worked well and our materials didn’t break or fall apart. My team was proud that we were able to cut the foil without letting it break apart while cutting it, also our insulator stops heat transfer outside.

My Cranky Contraption

Overall, I think this product was successful because it worked and it flew from side to side(Left to right). Also, it did not break when you spin it fast or slow. The only way that is not successful because I did not have time to add the airplane, I added the plane in the picture so I did not add the airplane on the stick

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to change my material that holds the stick into the wood so it would not wiggle so much and I would make it a bit more stable. Also, I would add the airplane to the stick so it can fly side to side.

My biggest success was that the cranky contraption works and it doesn’t break and it works well, it doesn’t get stuck and have to move the wire back and spin it again.

My book trailer of ‘Freak the Mighty’

Click here 

Bus trip to Xiang Shui

Everybody was on the bus, everyone started to chat, but I was bored, the bus was like a turtle trying to walk the “Great Wall of China.” The bus was like it was traveling 1km/hour. Just then, Ryan who sat beside me.

“You want to play Sorry with me?” Ryan asked. “Please.”

“Yes! Yes, I will, I was so bored.” I replied excitingly.

We started to play Sorry, at first I couldn’t get to the start because I kept on rolling an odd number, because you need an even number to let your player out. I rolled a 2″ finally! I’m out,  that was like years for me to roll an odd number!” We laughed, I felt time flies very fast now. When I was so close to getting one player in, Ryan’s player just overlaps me and I have to start over.

Its now been over half an hour, and I’ve won the game. But once I turn over, my head started to be very dizzy. Ryan was also very dizzy, we were like we were in jail. Luckily I sat with Ryan, he brought a medicine that prevents car sick. And I brought gum. While Ryan puts on the medicine we chew our gum and happily chat without any pain. With more luck, we were at Xiang Shui, and we can breathe fresh air. I’m very happy that I didn’t sit with my other friend but with Ryan, that’s also my friend!

Story Bird

This is my “I am from” Poem this poem is about my family and me.

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