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This is an “I am from poem.”

Literary essay about the race

Some people might think helping others is not related with them so the people ignore people who need help. But I realized that it is wrong to ignore people after I read and think deeply about this story.  In story the race, there are two boys named Todd and Brett who reallyhj want to win a boat competition. This story shows two boys who are helping others.

In the begginng of the story, two boys make a boat to win a boat competition. Last few years, they lost a compeition so they really want to win. The race started and they start to row a boat to go. Even though they know it is the last chance to win, they helped a boy who hardly could control his boat. And after the race, the boy thanks Todd and Brett and two boys don’t regret that they helped a boy instead of winning the race. This shows that helping others makes many people feel good including helpers.

In addition, in story the race, they would win the race if they haven’t helped a boy. But they would felt guilty. But they helped a boy and felt proud instead of guilty. One more thing I learned from this book is that winning is not everything.

Last, helping others is important is that


Literary Essay #1

I believe most of the people have friends in their life. And I think friends are really important.

For example, a girl named Sophie had no friend so going school felt lonely and boring for her. Fortunately, a new student named Annie came to school. They talked, played, ate lunch and studied together. They become good friends for each other. Sophie thought going school was funny thing to do after making friend. They often fought buy they became good friends again. This shows that friends usually make people happy and not to feel lonely.

At the end of a year, they had to separate to other classes. They felt sad but they made new friends in new classes very quickly. In my opinion, making many different kinds of friends is important because you can know about many types of people and it can help you in the future.

And friends socialize people. In my life, when I was in Korea, I went to an academy with no friend. I felt shy and didn’t want to talk much. But when one friend came to the academy, I talked more and didn’t feel shy much.

And you can learn many things from friends. When Sophie and Annie did their Math works together, they got different answers so they started arguing but after few minutes, both of them realized what Sophie or Annie had meant and regretted. From then on, they respected any answers and listened for them. And my friend also showed me another good way to solve a problem that I couldn’t think.

I thought friends were just for a fun, but I realized that friends are important in many ways.

Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot

There is a girl named Mercedes and the chocolate pilot who fell chocolates from sky. When he fall chocolates from a sky by a airplane, all kids ran out to catch chocolates and Mercedes also did so.

But one day, when he almost got her chocolate, a boy who taller than her snapped her chocolate. She was sad that she didn’t get any chocolates. So Mercedes wrote letter to the pilot which was about please drop chocolate at her field with chickens. And the pilot read her letter and tried to find her field, but he couldn’t. Later, Mercedes thought the pilot forgot her and she got sad. But then, package came to her. The pilot had sent package full of goodies to her address when he couldn’t find her field!

I thought it is just a fiction book at first, but I surprised it happened for real. And I wonder why did the pilot gave away chocolates for children, and why did he wanted to give Mercedes like that. I think the pilot is really helpful and good person. And I knew the reason why the title is “Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot.”


Magic Tree house #32 (Winter of the Ice Wizard)

It was winter. While Jack, Annie, and their mother baking cookies, Jack heard the day is the shortest day from his mother. Jack and his younger sister Annie thought Tree house which can travel times, was came back like last winter did. So when they went Frog Creek woods. They met their friends Kathleen and Teddy, who came to impart Merlin’s message. Merlin is a magician who got many helped from Jack and Annie. The message said to come here and go straight to setting sun for help. So four of them went where Merlin said.

It got more chilly. After going to setting sun, they saw a huge glimmering palace made of ice. When they got in, wondering who lives there, a voice boomed not like Merlin. It was the Ice Wizard with no one eye like a pirate. The Ice Wizard said them to find his eye or Merlin would not saved. And the Ice wizard gave him magical sleigh and gave some informations about dangerous things and where they should go. They went Norns house by the sleigh, and wolf followed. They quickly go into Norn’s house. Three Norns looked scary but they were polite. They told about Ice Wizard story and where a Frost Giant who have Ice wizard’s eye. They dicided to meet infront of the palace and divided into two groups.

Jack and Annie heard that if they see Frost Giant eye, they would became a stone. So they closed their eyes and hid. But ice fall down in a cave. A moment later, Jack woke up. He saw a wolf in front of him. He thought they were about to eat him and threw snow and run away with Annie by the sleigh. They  went to the palace but he couldn’t find their friends Kathleen and Teddy. But they go in to the palace, and gave Wizard the eye. But he shouted the eye was useless. But just then, Kathleen and Teddy came with Wizard’s sister named swan maiden. His sister forgave him that he hated and hid from her. The Ice Wizard cried and got sight! So he said spell to wolf and wolf became Merlin. wolf was Merlin! Finally, they saved Merlin and got back to their world

Diary of a Wimpy kid {Rodrick rules}

Greg is a middle school student. He isn’t smart or special. He is a bit stupid. And he has an older brother named Rodrick. He is stupid too. They hated each other. For example, Rodrick usually pushed him, taught Greg if you put money in the ground it will grow to money tree. And Greg believed it and did it but Rodrick took his money. But his mother want him to be smart. So his mother ordered Greg many things.There are many stories about Rodrick and Greg. This story is very funny.

The time warp trio 3

Sam, Fred, and Joe went to Indian’s time because of Joe’s mistake. They joined Indian and that night storm cracked and Joe went somewhere. And another tribe got him. He met his friends Sam and Fred there. They explain Joe what was happening. Tribe made discussion to decide Joe and his friends lifes. They would scalp their hair. They were losing votes, but they show tribe a magic using sciene. And tribe believe it was magic and they saved their lives. The tribe wanted to return them, but war happened to their tribe. And Joe and his friend’s time freeze magic worked. And they went back to their time using “The book”.


I learned how to cook banana bread. And I learned how to measure liquid, mixing, and  I had lot of fun and knowledges.

Magic tree house #1

John and his younger sister Annie were at the forest. Annie discover a tree house with a long rope ladder they had ever seen. Annie went up and Jack followed. The tree house had many books. They also saw dinosaur book. Jack made a wish that want to see dinosaur for real. Soon they came to real that age. They met flying dinosaur and T-rex too. When John nearly catched by T-rex flying dinosaur saved him quickly. Soon they guess the tree house is a not normal house. So they made a wish to go back to their house and it worked.

The time warp trio

Fred, Sam, and Joe were at Joe’s birthday party. Uncle Joe gave him “The book”. ‘The book” took them to century. At century black knight charged toward them to attack. But the black knight missed them many times. And Sam swung his stick as hard he could and the black knight fall down from a horse.

Three knights came and saw the black knights fall off from a horse and brought them to king Arthur’s castle. They also tricked queen with card magic. A dragon and a dirty giant came to castle but Sam tricked giant to attack dragon and they went back home.

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