Sign Of The Beaver

First Matt gets dropped off by his father. Then dad says “there should be no Indians.” But boy was he wrong. Matt stayed and found out that his father was very wrong. First he saw two of them watching him. Then he tried to get honey from a bee’s hive. He got stung so much he had to jump in the water for them to stop. Then came the Indians, they gave him a treaty to help him live if he told Attean, the Indian boy, to read. One day he Attean were out After the lesson. A cub (young bear) came out of no were. Matt through a dead rabbit at the bear to try and stun it. It worked Attean shot it and then killed it with a knife. Matt was invited to the village for a dinner of bear. They danced and sung and then it was time to eat. They danced and sung after eating as well. Matt got tired so they showed him to a bed. He went home the next day, Attean said that grandmother did not want Matt to come. He asked why, Attean said that white man killed his mother. Then father went to white man court and killed him to. So now Attean has no parents. Attean does not come back to the claas for a few days and noew it is winter. Then he comes back with his grandfather, Atean says Matt must go with them when they move forever. They are moving because more white men come all the time. Matt says no, so he is alone for a few days. Then finally the family comes back and says the baby was dead that they just had.

Matt’s father made the story move along because he showed up months late.

How he and his family go though the winter.

Matt was out in the woods all alone. They were so many trees it was hard to walk though at first.


In the bit I have read so far, Juli makes her house look better because Bryce said it looked bad. She now has grass and a fence. And Chet, Bryce’s grandfather, helped Juli make it look better. Now the yard looks as good as new. The Bakers, Juli’s family, went over to Bryce’s house for a dinner. Bryce really wants to apologies for saying that but Juli ignores him. The dinner was very awkward. Bryce’s dad had played in a band. But after the dinner, it was even more awkward. The school did this thing every year called basket boys. Bryce was BB 9. He had two people team up to have lunch with him. They started fighting over him again. When they did Bryce got up to talk to Juli. He tried to KISS her. She ran away, that was even more awkward than dinner.

I bet all around the world weird things happen to eight graders. Just not in the same way and as awkward.

Juli thinks Bryce is not what he seems like. He may have the looks but he is not the nicest. He is pretty smart though. But that does not make him nice. Juli hates him for all the mean things he has done to her.


Now in Juli’s perspective, Bryce has been very mean to her in the past years. First he let my tree get chopped down. I saw that he did not care one bit about the tree. My dad painted me a picture of the tree. So I looked at the painting till I did not cry. Then the science fair came, her teacher Mrs. Brubeck gave me some eggs. My dad showed me how to see inside the egg. They saw the eggs were alive. Juli won the fair because the eggs hatched at the. That is how they got chickens. They started to lay eggs faster then they could eat. Then two neighbors said they would buy for TWO dollars a DOZON. Then I realized I was not giving any to Bryce’s family. So then I gave the eggs to them for FREE. Then in eighth grade I found out he was throwing them away. I was so mad at him! I told him I was selling the eggs! But he got them for FREE.

Now Bryce feels so bad all he wants to do is say sorry. But he can not do it, she avoids him so well. Finally he is coming home from a friends house and Juli in the yard. He says sorry, and they share some jokes, they laugh. But that solved only some problems.

All around the world many “Middle School Tragedies” happen. But I think none as bazaar as this one. But I myself can not name any, because I am in 5th grade.


So far what I have read that in Bryce’s perspective, Juli is just a little girl who gets every thing she wants. And he moved here in second grade, and the first time he met her, he ran. Now a tree Juli loved has been cut down. Bryce was about to go up the tree to stop it from being cut down, but then he thought it was not his tree or Juli’s. Also she won the science fair, because she brought eggs that were alive. And they hatched at the fair. So that made her win and Bryce was mad. Then the  chickens started to lay eggs and Juli sold the eggs. But she gave them to Bryce’s family for free. She found out that Bryce was throwing them away, so she stoped giving eggs to them.

There are many people that like people that do not like them back.

So Juli got her favorite tree got cut down and she can not stop crying. So her dad made a panting of the tree and she hung it front of the tree. Also she had eggs, but they were alive. So she brought them to the science fair. Then they hatched at the fair. Then she started to sell the eggs the chickens laid.

Pedro’s Journal

Pedro is a boy. He is a ship’s boy. He is the only one that can read and write on the boat. Besides the captain of course. He is very nice and he always thinks of his mom and home. He always is “just there.” He is also very brave, because he went on a voyage to no where.

I have connection to Pedro because, I am most of the time “just there.” Also I am around his age. I am also like him because I moved/went to a place I never went to before.

So right before they set out on the voyage, The Pinta’s ruder broke. They trying to fix it. Then they fixed it, then they finally set out. On the voyage they said “Whoever sees land first gets 10,000 Maravedis!” Then the CC claimed the reward. Every one was shocked. Then they went on to the island. The natives thought they were from heaven. They took six of their men. Then all of the other islands threatened them. Then Pedro sunk the Santa Maria. Every one was mad at him. then they blew up the Santa Miria to make a village. They named the village La navida, La navida means Christmas . They named it that because, the Santa Miria sunk on Christmas. Then they go back to Spain. All though the trip back to Spain is harsh. The Natives on the boat tell them of an island of only women at this time of the year. So they change course to go there. But they hit choppy weather and sea. So they set course back to Spain. Pedro And Columbus, put there journal in a barrel and toss it out to the sea. Hoping someone will find it.

The Lemonade War

The Lemonade War                                                     September 26 2017

This book is about a brother and sister fighting. The older brother (Evan) is mad at the sister (Jessie) for skipping a grade being in his class. So Evan goes off with a “friend” to the corner of a street to make lemonade stand. But then they run out of lemonade. Evan goes back to get more but he sees Jessie with a friend of his and they have a lemonade stand.

Evan is good with people. It is the summer between 3rd and 4th grade. He has a little sister.

I have a connection to Evan and Jessie. I have a connection to Evan because, I have a annoying little sibling. But I also connect to Jessie I have mean older brother.

Wings of Fire: MOON RISING

WINGS OF FIRE                     BOOK 6                          SEPTEMBER 7 2017

The book is about a dragon, who writes a prophecy. This is the first prophecy in thousands of years. She has to find a lost city to stop a WHOLE MOUNTAIN from falling to the ground. Too bad you don’t know happens in the next book. READ THE NEXT BOOKS TO FIND OUT.

P.S I already read the rest books so I know what happens.

This dragon can read your mind and see the future. She does not want anyone to know about her powers. She keeps the secret well hidden. She has a new friend, to bad he can only “talk” to her by letting her read his mind.

I connect to a different book were a animal can “talk” to a different one of his kind.