Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia.   

During the activity, I personally o trade with others and crate the laws. As a group, we divided the work load up by: at first, we all crate the laws and then some people go to crate the language for trade, and trade what we need to do for this activity. 

Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was, we use to trade with anthers, and our law is if you kill someone you will get kill or go to for many years. Our weakest point as a civilization was to crate our law and try to trade with anthers, but not to spiking. If I could do this activity again, I would change to we all do the things tighter.

One Day                        be a famous artist.

For one day, i want to do a art paintings like Monet’s artwork. One san Giorgio at dusk , and one Claude Monet.

Chelsea and Fiona’s island water clean project

Our project is about how to clean the water in the island, because on the island it don’t have the clean water we can drink.

This design is make of water bottle, cloths and cottons. then we cut the water bottle in to 1/2, and we put some cottons in the cloths, last, we put the cloths with the cottons in the 1/2 of the water bottle and put the anther 1/2 of the water bottle on. and the water clean design is finish. (our design is lost, so we don’t have the photo.)