Does Sushi Always Taste So Good?

When I went to the Japanese restaurant Kiro-Sakura, I thought “Does Sushi Always Taste So Good?”

I decided to answer it with yes.

Kiro-Sakura is a Japanese restaurant in Shine City. When we first went in, the first floor seemed very authentic. But unfortunately, it was full. So the worker guided us up to the second floor. Despite all those no smoking signs, there were cigarette smells in the staircase. Also, it was very cold inside, making me feel like it was part of Japanese culture, which I’m still not sure about. When we found our table, it had grease marks all over and it was visible. When I put my hand on the table, my finger was covered in grease. I think the workers don’t clean up very well. Or is that also part of Japanese culture? Well, that I don’t know. The uniform and cutlery were very authentic, but the delicate paint was starting to wear away on the plate. The plate’s patterns didn’t match those of the cup. So far, Kiro-Sakura didn’t really give me a good first impression.

The first thing I tried was the tuna hand roll. The seaweed was chewy, but a little rough, which is what seaweed is. The rice was just flavorless, and probably just a side dish to the tuna. The tuna didn’t have anything outstanding in particular. It was just like all those tuna they sell at any place. I couldn’t find a taste that would differentiate it from other Japanese restaurants.

I also tried my salmon sushi. There was no wasabi inside, and it was also very plain and similar to other sushi restaurants. The ramen was just as the same. It was like the most commonly tasting restaurant ever. Or had I only ordered the commonly tasting dishes? I have no idea.

Kiro-Sakura’s price was also very common for a Japanese restaurant. I ended up paying exactly 100 RMB. That is a very common price.

The customer service was sort of weird. The workers gave me and Anya’s hand rolls first and gave Lia’s 20 minutes later. That was weird. Overall I give Kiro-Sakura a 4 out of 10.

Food Reviews Reflection

I chose Food Reviews for One Day because I like to eat delicious food, and I thought it was a great opportunity to review good food.

Mostly, the restaurants that we went to were restaurants that we had gone to before. One exception was the Japanese restaurant, which was what we chose spontaneously.

What did I do well?

I probably ate well, but since I was too engrossed in eating, I didn’t take as many pictures or notes.

Here are some of the pictures that I did take.

I learned a lot of words that end with x, and start with x. I also learned that sushi is always expensive. We all learned a lot of math when it came to calculating who pays what. I also learned how to blog to be interesting and words that can describe food, such as crunchy, creamy, or flavorless. I learned that taste is a valuable sense that human beings have to search for better, delectable food, and of course, cook yummy food on their own. At the restaurants, I learned that the atmosphere and authenticness can add to your experience. Overall, I learned a lot.

Some challenges that I faced was that I was full. So at the next restaurant, I ate less. Also, we were short of time so we only got Dunkin’ Donuts, but that was fine. Actually, there weren’t many challenges for me, and the whole trip was very smooth.

I think that One Day is important because you can take a break from all the schoolwork and do what you really want to do for one day. I think it relieves stress from school and gives you less homework because things are due AFTER the break. I think this was a really good experience for me and allowed me to know other tasty restaurants in Shine City, which I didn’t really know about. Overall, I really liked this year’s One Day and I hope this sort of opportunity comes to me again sometime later.

What is the Standard for a Korean Restaurant?

For lunch, we went to a Korean restaurant in Shine City called Tan Tan Da Lu. When we went in, I found the Korean title for the restaurant is actually pronounced Tan Tan Dae Ro. There was this really authentic atmosphere and it was warm. It was a welcoming sight in Winter. There was neon quotes and catchy slogans everywhere. There was no smell of cigarettes, but I couldn’t find a no smoking sign either. The cutlery was traditional Korean cutlery and the plate was especially very pretty. They gave us many little side dishes for free.

The first thing I ate was the LA beef. It was seasoned just right, and the fat part of it even tasted good. Then, I ate a pork belly or sam-kyub-sal. That one was also tasty, but it tasted exactly like the LA beef. I wish they would use a different sauce for beef and pork. Both of them had the salty and sweet sauce. I give both beef and pork a 7 out of 10.

After that, the stir-fried spicy rice cakes came. There was cheese on top and it was sooooo stretchy!!! The stretchy, chewy cheese made the rice cakes taste even better. The sauce was very, very spicy. It was a bit different from others, and that’s what I liked about Tan Tan Da Lu. I give the rice cakes an 8.5 out of 10.

I had many complaints about customer service in Tan Tan Da Lu. Although the overall atmosphere was so welcoming and warm, and everything seemed so authentic, it was so hard to order food because of the workers never noticing us! They should walk by a table and see if anybody is ready to order food, which is what they never did. Or maybe they tried to do but failed at. I give the customer service a 3 out of 10. It needs a lot of improvement.

The cost was moderate and good. I ended up paying less than 30 RMB when dividing the whole cost up! Maybe this was why the customer service was so lax.

Overall, I give Tan Tan Da Lu an 8 out 10. I encourage them to improve their customer service for a better rating.

Paul’s Steak and Eggs!

Paul’s Steak and Eggs is a Western food restaurant in River Garden. It is a small restaurant that had friendly chefs and a warm atmosphere. However, since it is in a villa, it is hard to access for people living outside River Garden

The first food I tried was the breakfast burrito with fries. The fries were crunchy, crispy, and just right salty, but it was sometimes a little burnt on the edges. I would rate the fries separately a 10 out of 10. However, the burritos were sort of flavorless and plain. The cheese was stretchy and chewy, but the rest was a bit underseasoned. The burrito kept on leaking out from the other end and it was greasy. I rate the burrito a 5 out of 10.

Next, I tried my friend Anya’s butter pancakes. The chef had specially made whipping cream for her. The whipping cream was sweet, but not too sweet, and it was soft. On the other hand, the pancakes were sweet and mushy, but also crunchy and crispy. The slight burn on the edges had given the crispy texture. Also, chocolate chips added to the bottom of the pancake added to the crunch. The soft whipping cream perfectly matched the pancakes. I give it an 8 out of 10.

After that, I tried my friend Lia’s french toast. The texture was smooth, and the syrup made it sweet, the french toast itself as a bit plain. I give it a 6 out of 10.

I tried my chocolate milkshake. I ordered it earlier with my burrito, but the workers completely forgot about it and I had to remind them. It didn’t taste like a milkshake, but that doesn’t mean it gave the beverage a special flavor either. It was more like common chocolate milk. I rate it 6 out of 10.

The price was worth it and moderate. My total was 85 RMB, which is probably average for a dish and a drink. The serving size was probably sort of big. I was full after one piece of the burrito, but they served 4 pieces. Also, the number of fries served were a reasonable amount, but it disappeared too quickly because it was too delicious.

I thought that the food was a bit common and could be found everywhere, but they used the just right ingredients like the tomatoes, which were ripe and tasty. Although they made a single mistake in forgetting about me and Anya’s drinks, that was clearly just a tiny mistake. Their customer service was pretty good, actually. They brought exactly what we wanted. Also, unlike many other restaurants, the food mostly matched the pictures on the menu. Overall, I give Paul’s Steak and Eggs a 6.5 out of 10.

Confucius Video!!!

This is my video!!!

Thanks for watching!

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Becoming Food Critics

What are you thinking about doing? What should we eat?

I don’t really have a preference, but I want to eat hot pot; especially the spicy kind,  cakes, Korean barbecue, Taiwanese dessert, sushi, ice cream, spicy food, ma la tang, etc. I like everything, as long as it is not bird’s nest soup or shark’s fin.

Since my friend Anya lives near Shine City, I will take recommendations from her.

What are some ideas/inspirations/tutorials that will help you?

My hunger, my criticism, and my friends. Who’ll teach you how to eat yummy food?

Also, Anya might recommend me some restaurants in Shunyi.

For breakfast, I wanted Western food, so we are going to Paul’s Steak and Eggs.

I think that anything will actually be fine. I’ll probably be eating something. Or maybe steak and eggs(hahaha) will taste better. Everything on the menu LOOK good, so I’ll have to think about it.I’ll review anything I eat. I wonder if it actually anything will taste bad. I’m thinking of spending about 50 RMB.

For lunch, we’re eating Japanese and Korean food,

And then we’re having dessert.

Our relationship with our diet from 3.5 million years ago

We studied how our relationship with our diet changed throughout time and created a thinglink.


Access my thinglink here

Isolateur à café


People had a problem in keeping their drink warm. So this project was about creating a prototype to prevent heat loss of the drink. The Isolateur à café uses insulators such as cotton to keep the drink warm.  It is layered with foil, felt and fabric, which reduced heat loss. Some difficulties we(mostly Rachel) had was making sure the prototype fit the cup. She also had problems in making the cup look attractive. However, she overcame the difficulties and created a prototype that suited all the criteria.  It worked because the mug without the Isolateur à café lost 10 degrees Celsius in 5 minutes, however, the mug with Isolateur à café lost only 6 degrees Celsius in 5 minutes.

I am proud of how the Isolateur à café looks on the mug plus; I admit that Rachel’s artistic eye is great. If I had another chance, I would create the cap and the bottom to prevent more heat loss. I would also make sure the velcro worked properly. The quality of Isolateur à café is ok, but it isn’t very good because it broke a lot and it isn’t washable.

Overall, this project was very successful. I wasn’t there for most of the time, but Rachel still did an awesome job. Hooray for Rachel! 🥳🤩


Sliding down the Great Wall

Swoosh! I almost slipped into the river because of the sand. On the way down from the great wall, it was challenging to not slip into the mud or river, or even plunge down the cliff! Going up the mountain was steep, so walking down was a jump and a slide, and if you managed to keep your balance, another jump and slide. Luckily, nobody fell, but we did bump against each other-but that is way better than falling off a cliff or into the river. It was also unforgettable because it was exciting to slide.

My I Am From Poem

This is my I Am From poem. Enjoy.

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