"If Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly , why did it fall off"- Unknown

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia


This activity needed us to use are sources and trade for something else that we needed. We needed to do that by our own written language without speaking. After we have all our sources we then could build the Top secret weapon to win the game. During the activity , I personally was first Writing the law and the trading and building the Top secret weapon. As a group, we divided the work load up by Bill and Alex drawing the temple Sophie and I did the laws and I helped Hyeyoung with trading and building. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was we had a lot of forks and everyone else only had one fork so everyone wanted our forks. Our weakest point as a civilization was the picture of the top secret picture was kind of blurry and not detailed so it was kind of hard to figure out the way of building the top secret weapon. If I could do this activity again, I would change so that there would be more people trading instead of one person because there were a lot of people at the trading circle and it was kind of hard to get other people’s attention.

One day – food review


What I did was I went to Paul’s steak & eggs for Breakfast and for lunch we went to 让我们见个面and last but not least Manna for desert where I ate a yogurt.

What was Challenging was that when I was really full still had to eat more so after the first one I only ate a little at each restaurant.

I think one day is important because students get to do something they want to do and enjoy a day for themselves




The Mayan Calendars

This is a project we did in humanities about the Mayan calendars.

Human diet throughout the history

This is a draft of human diet evolution!!

Reflection for thermal energy Science unit


What are you proud of?

I am very proud of the Insulator because it worked very good on keeping the heat in and it didn’t drop to much form the highest point.

What would you do differently?

What I would do differently would be not using mylar because I didn’t know that it actually sucks in thermal energy.

What was the hardest thing about this project?

The hardest thing about this project was actually was keeping the heat in the cup and figuring out what material would keep ice cold in and  reflect off heat that comes from the heat lamp.

My cranky contraption




  1. If I did this again I wouldn’t put nuts on the kite and make it fluffier so it  would look more like a kite.
  2. Overall, I think this product was successful because it ended up the way I was thinking in my head.
  3. My biggest obstacle was making the kite stay in one direction , kept turning the other way.


I am from



This is my humanities “I am from ” poem. We used Storybird to make the story and garage band to do voice recording . I movie was used to put the story and recording together.


Nature filter

What is engineering?:

Engineering is a scientific way of solving problems.

What is your challenge?:

Creating the filter was pretty easy , but actually  making it filter dirty water was a bit challenging.

Why did you choose this design and how does it work?:

This works because in the piece of cloth there is stones , sand and cotton this helps filter the dirty water into clean water. And if you think it is dirty you can just pick up the piece of cloth and throw it away. I chose this design because I actually got inspired by a project in a science fair so I used the same design.



Excited about posting blogs



I feel excited as this unicorn for posting blogs.

Literary Essay #1

Friendship comes before competition. In the book The race Todd gives up first place and goes help the little boy who’s boat was sinking just like when Todd and his friend Brett attended the first time of the milk carton  boat race. Also , even though Todd didn’t win he won himself in heart. This shows in Todd’s heart friendship comes before competition.

At the start of the race Todd and Brett were in the lead because they were the oldest they were both 12. This was there last race in the children competition, next year it will be harder for them because they will be competing in the adult race.  At the start everyone was rowing really fast suddenly Todd looks back and he sees a boy just like when they first started the race whose boat was sinking. Todd told Brett he wanted to help the boy but Brett said no, he didn’t agree. He believed winning is more important than friendship. This shows that the boys have different idea’s but Todd’s opinion is from heart.

At last Todd persuades Brett to go back and help the boy. But all Brett thinks is “lame”. He wants to win very badly, but he is a good friend because he compromise’s. Todd is a person who enjoy’s life a lot and has memory’s  of a time that other people don’t really remember.

There are 2 kinds of winning one is a trophy and another one is winning in heart. Todd and Brett won in there heart because, they made another persons heart win by giving up the race to help the boy who was just like a mirror image of themselves when they were that age. This shows having a trophy sometimes doesn’t mean you win.

Winning is great. Everyone wants to win but sometimes things get in the way like money, parents and friendship. In the book The race  Todd gives up winning and goes to help the boy just like when he first attended the milk carton boat race. Friendship comes before winning because and friend is better than a trophy.

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