"If Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly , why did it fall off"- Unknown

Nature filter

What is engineering?:

Engineering is a scientific way of solving problems.

What is your challenge?:

Creating the filter was pretty easy , but actually  making it filter dirty water was a bit challenging.

Why did you choose this design and how does it work?:

This works because in the piece of cloth there is stones , sand and cotton this helps filter the dirty water into clean water. And if you think it is dirty you can just pick up the piece of cloth and throw it away. I chose this design because I actually got inspired by a project in a science fair so I used the same design.



Excited about posting blogs



I feel excited as this unicorn for posting blogs.

Literary Essay #1

Friendship comes before competition. In the book The race Todd gives up first place and goes help the little boy who’s boat was sinking just like when Todd and his friend Brett attended the first time of the milk carton ¬†boat race. Also , even though Todd didn’t win he won himself in heart. This shows in¬†Todd’s heart friendship comes before competition.

At the start of the race¬†Todd and Brett were in the lead because they were the oldest they were both 12. This was there last race in the children competition, next year it will be harder for them because they will be competing in the adult race. ¬†At the start everyone was rowing really fast suddenly Todd looks back and he sees a boy just like when they first started the race whose boat was sinking. Todd told Brett he wanted to help the boy but¬†Brett said no, he didn’t agree. He believed winning is more important than friendship. This shows that the boys have different idea’s but Todd’s opinion is from heart.

At last¬†Todd persuades Brett to go back and help the boy. But all Brett thinks is “lame”. He wants to win very badly, but he is a good friend because he compromise’s. Todd is a person who enjoy’s life a lot and has memory’s ¬†of a time that other people don’t really remember.

There are 2 kinds of winning one is a trophy and another one is winning in heart. Todd and Brett won in there heart because, they made another persons heart win by giving up the race to help the boy who was just like a mirror image of themselves when they were that age. This shows having a trophy sometimes doesn’t mean you win.

Winning is great. Everyone wants to win but sometimes things get in the way like money, parents and friendship. In the book The race  Todd gives up winning and goes to help the boy just like when he first attended the milk carton boat race. Friendship comes before winning because and friend is better than a trophy.

A series of Unfortunate events (book 5 ) The austere academy


After Count Olaf’s escape again Mr.Poe has found them a boarding school to go to. They arrived at the¬†boarding school and just about to walk in a girl came over and called the Baudelaire kids “cake sniffers” ,that was pretty rude but the¬†Baudelaire kids didn’t mind ,they could do any thing just to stay away from¬†Count Olaf. When they came into the campus they found lots of buildings but¬†Mr.Poe had told the¬†Baudelaire orphans to straight to the vice principal Nero’s office so off they went. When they arrived at the door of the office they herd a screeching violin noise it sounded like killing a pig but, no mater what they knocked on the door ” who could be interrupting a genies playing violin ” splattered the vice principal

“Hi, were the Baudelaire orphans Mr. poe told us to come straight to your ¬†office” said the Baudelaire orphans

“ok, now I will explain to you the rules of the school and where your classrooms are ,Violet room3 , Klaus room 1 and sunny is my secretary also is you are late for class you get to eat lunch with your hands tied around your back to eat and if you come into this building you have to buy me a bag of candy and watch me eat it in front of your face but today you don’t count.”said the vice principal.

Character:  The vice principal

Vice principal Nero is a very greedy and selfish person he thinks he’s the world genies but he’s definitely not.


I think this series has a connection to lots of kids around the world. There parents have all started with very rich people and because of some accident their parents have died, so now all they’ve got are just relative’s and some relative’s are mean and selfish and some are nice and clean.


I think this theme is about orphanage and no matter whats wrong you still have you family.

A series of unfortunate events 4 The Miserable Mill

Summary:¬†After Aunt Josephine death Mr.Poe had to take them to their new guardian and Mr. poe had no way to pronounce his name, so they just called him “Sir”.¬†As they arrived at Paltryville¬†Mr.Poe did not take them over to the¬†guardian instead he told the children to go by their self since he leveled up on his bank job. The Baudelaire orphans arrived at Lucky Smells Lumbermill ¬†all they could see was newspaper stacks instead of trees and the sign up for¬†Lucky Smells Lumbermill was made of gum. they opened the gate and called for help a big man came out of the the building and found 3¬†children standing at the gate .

Character,¬†Mr.Poe: Mr.Poe is a man who is not very responsible for keeping the¬†Baudelaire fortune and all he does is finds a new¬†guardian. He never really listen’s to what the¬†Baudelaire orphans are saying about that Count Olaf’s here again.

Connection:¬†This book has a connection to ¬†many kids all over the world they are orphans too. But they don’t have a fortune to take all they can do is wait for someone to come and adopt them. They have the same feeling’s as the¬†Baudelaire orphans they wish there real mom and dad were here with them.

Theme:I think the theme is  orphanage  and the message that the author says is no matter what happens there is always your family who will always help you no matter what.



the reptile room


They have figure out a way to find out Stephano’s plan. Since the adults are talking and Violet had to get¬†Stephano’s suitcase to find out his plan about murdering Uncle Monty , Klaus had to find a way to make distraction. Now over at Mr.Poe they were talking and talking a finding a way how could¬†Uncle Monty get killed by a snake but the snake was locked in the cage.

” I don’t know anything about snakes ” said Stephano. He was trying real hard to get him out of trouble but that wasn’t it, even though¬†Mr.Poe believed in him the Baudelaire children didn’t. Suddenly Klaus shouted: ” Snake attack, Sunny got bitten by a snake”. Mr.Poe went running out the room and went over to¬†Sunny and¬†Klaus while violet went upstairs and finding Stephano’s suitcase.


Uncle Monty, He is a great scientist and has great knowledge about reptiles, but unfortunately he was murdered by Count Olaf.


My connection was one of my cousins also like reptiles very much , but I don’t like them especially snakes because they have this mucus on their body.

The reptile room



After Uncle Monty being suspicious about Stephano , the kids were eager to tell Uncle Monty that he is Count Olaf but Stephano wouldn’t give a chance for only Uncle Monty and the Baudelaire children to talk. But¬†Uncle Monty thinks that he is wanting to steal the snake Uncle Monty’s found that is a new species. Tomorrow they are going to Peru and planing to not take Stephano, personally I think that is the best choice they can do since¬†Uncle Monty thinks he is going to steal his snake and¬†the Baudelaire children think that¬†Stephano wants to murder them.

Character: Count Olaf

He is a sly and sneaky person all he wants is money and he doesn’t have any good friends. He changed his name and Shaved his hair bold so no one knew he was Count Olaf.


It has a connection to Tangle of knots because they are all orphans and are trying to find a good Family that can take care of them same as the Baudelaire children they are finding a family too.

Cooking class

First thing I learned was to smash bananas it was real hard , second thing I learned was to chop walnuts we used the rolling pin to crush them , last but not least I learned how to put the ingredients in to the mixing bowl by fraction of 1 cup/ teapsoon

The series of unfortunate events (second book)The reptile room



Count Olaf ¬†had been caught but he escaped, no one know where he went he wants to take over the Baudelaire fortune, ¬†so Mr. Poe gave the¬†Baudelaire orphans to another relative Named Dr.Montgomery. The orphans were scared on their way to¬†Dr.Montgomery’s house they imagined that Count Olaf had his eyes glued on him, they could even dream about it. When they met¬†Dr.Montgomery they were¬†extremely¬†nice to them , it was the opposite to Count Olaf they loved it. Violet made lots of inventions about snake traps, Klaus was really happy because he could read a lot of books about reptiles, and sunny was biting ropes.


Violet is a very clever girl she makes lot of inventions and is the oldest of the Baudelaire Family.


This book has a connection to Snow white because their parents all died and they all wen to live with someone else

The Series of the unfortunate events ( the first book )


Violet , Klaus and Sunny ¬†Baudelaire lived in a very rich house. Violet was the oldest, Klaus, was the only boy Mr and Mrs Baudelaire had he was the second child, last but not least Sunny. One day they were going to the beach on a grey foggy day day, to normal human being’s going to a beach a foggy day WHAT! The Baudelaire didn’t mind, they found it better because it was like the beach was to themselves. It was so fun playing together it did not seem like 5-6 hours past away. Suddenly they all spot some giant in the fog coming toward them, it came closer and closer. They found out is was Mr.Poe it was one of their parents close friends , he coughed and coughed ¬†then told them there was bad news. Suddenly the smile on their face’s had all disappeared.


Count Olaf

He is very suspicious because wants violets money that her very rich parents gave her. he also is very spooky because he has these eye’s all over the house .


I had a connection to snow white because her parents have died too and she is living with someone else , just like the Baudelaire kids but they are living with one of their relatives.

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