"People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.” ― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Indus River Valley Drainage System




The project was to collaborate with your group and put together a funny informational video about a significant invention of the civilization we got. We started off gathering information, then, we filmed, made the animation and did voice overs. Lastly, we put it all together and made this fantastic video!

I think that our group cooperated very well, especially with the problems we faced. When our whole video got accidentally deleted we stayed calm and started over. I think our new one was even better than our deleted one!  We collaborated very well, every one got their parts done and no arguments were made.

What I would do next time is make the video funnier and more enjoyable. I think we talked to much and it was always the same background. I also think that my voice wasn’t loud enough.



Building a Civilisation For One Class!

Today in humanities we experienced a simulation where we had to build up our civilization in a group. We had to make a written language, construct laws and plan out a temple. You first started off with your own natural resources, after making a language you can use that written language and trade for materials you need, in order to open the top-secret envelope that holds the blue print of something (you do not know what is inside until you have the materials).

Our group started off lucky with all of the materials needed except for 2 forks. We split up all of the work and finished the written language fast. We traded off one jaw breaker to get hold of the 2 forks. We opened the envelop and started building a catapult using the blue print in the envelope and the materials we had.

During the activity, the jobs that I have contributed is: creating the written language, writing around 5 laws and mapping out the temple.

Our group divided workloads by thinking what each person was best at. We tried to finish the most needed task first (written language). If one person were to finish the task he or she would go help with another job. That way we worked fast. All civilizations both modern and old needed to split up jobs so they could get things done, it is a great skill that has worked for thousands of years.

Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was that we finished to build the catapult. It leads us to winning the game, since no other group was capable to build it because of time and resource problems. After building the catapult we were capable of destroying other towns and cities and stealing their things. War facilities is one of the most important attributes that a civilization needs to have.

Our weakest point of our civilization was making a good relationship with other civilizations. We only traded once and gave away materials once making bonding and peace with other civilizations vital.

I think that if we play this simulation once again I would trade (to make a better relationship with others) more with other civilizations so they can help us when we need something. This would cause peace between our cities, it would also help us sustain our cities with the materials we have trade.

Thermal Energy Transfer Project Reflection


Through this project you can experience how heat transfer effects different substances, and how different substances prevent heat lost. For example, the penguin project, you get to observe how thermal energy effects the ice cube, and how different insulators can reflect heat waves. Another experiment we did was make a coat for a cap to help the water inside to keep warm. This was pretty hard because you had to measure the cup to make all of the cut outs fit the cup or else it might be to small of to big. Though our prototype didn’t look very nice but it worked very well. Though the good part was that you could use as much material a you like (but don’t waste any). What I found very interesting about this unit is how fast temperature can drop and how useless some material is for keeping things warm.What I am proud of about this project is my prototype model because it was very neat and easy to understand, another thing that I am proud of is how fast and efficiently I finished my cup insulator. What I hope what would change about this unit is: Give us more time to build our cup insulator and not have limited material for the penguin project.



This is a short poem that summarises my life so far with a few small moments within it.


My filtering system

The Boat of Middle School


I chose this picture to represent middle school because there are allot of up and down in MS and many of them are unpredictable.

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