Mesopotamia Simulation Reflection

During this activity, I first did the languages, then did some of the tradings, and then just helped with the temple building. And as a group, we decided which work everyone was doing and divided it up.

Our greatest accomplishment was to still be able to survive even though we had very little resource.

Our weakest point as a civilization was that we had very less resources.

If I could do this activity again, I would change the amount of resources we have so we could be able to trade more and maybe even be able to make the catapult.

Food Review🍮

My one-day activity is food review.

So at first, we got split into two groups to have either Chinese breakfast or Western, me and my friends choose the western breakfast so we went to paul’s steak and eggs, it was freezing. then we got back together and went to Starbucks, then split into two groups again for lunch, either Chinese and Western, or Korean and Japanese, I was in the Chinese and Western group so we first went to 让我们见个面, and then went to manna, and finally hagendaz and meet fresh for dessert.

I chose this one day project because I like it, and my friends are doing it too.

From this project I learned and discovered new places that make great food and how to review them.

One day is important because we get to do what we like as well as socialize with people from different year groups.

These are some pictures I took during our food trip!

Food review 😈

For one day, I want to go to shine city, go to royal tea and get bubble tea, Starbucks to get a drink, Pizza…

For breakfast, I chose western and am going to paul’s steak and eggs, there, I’m going to order cheddar cheese white tortilla home fries.

For lunch, we chose 让我们见个面.

And for dessert, we chose

Early and Modern Human: Diet

This is my humanities project I’ve been working on and here it is! At first, we’ve been learning about early humans, and then, we were split into different groups, Diet, Community, or Technology. I was split into the group diet with Mrs. Krista, and we’ve been working on this project from then. I put everything I learned about early humans in this Diet thinglink, including some modern humans too. So if you click on the little buttons on the picture, it’ll pop up different little bits of research I found out… Hope you enjoy!

Thermal energy Design Challenges🛠

For our save the penguin’s project, I like how we set the mylar outside so then the metallic side of the mylar would reflect the light away, and keep the penguin cool. What I would do differently is to insert a stronger base, so then the heat in the bottom won’t affect the penguin as much. The hardest thing about this project is working together because different people have different ideas therefore when you try to combine them together, some might not agree, so it’s tough, but we managed. I think the quality of our model is ok, not that bad,  even though it has some rough edge and glue sticking out, but on the other hand, it has some benefits too. The skilled that I learned during this project is how different materials absorbs and reflects light differently.

For the cup insulator, I am proud of how we decorated it into a unicorn and it looks cute! My favorite part of it is the drizzling part going up at the bottom. What I would do differently is that I would like to make a place where you actually drink it, and not by using a straw, even though I think the straw hole is good, I would still like to make a difference. The hardest thing about this project is to use the right type of material for the right place. I think the quality of the cup is ok, not perfect, but good because I think that we can still make it better, especially because of the glue gun sticking them together is kind of making the cotton inside rough. New skills that I learned during this project is teamwork and collaboration!


Survival sock

Easy peasy🍋

How am I feeling about Middle School, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy 😉

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