Chinese buddhism video Chuck, Nicole, Chetali, Yifan

This video is talking about Chinese Buddhism.
We made this on our humanities class, Yifan and me are finding the picture,
Nicole and Chetali are doing reaching on the internet, and I am also editing
the video.

Enjoy the video!

I love humanities!


Did you know what bullying is?

If you want to know then look down.



Click here to read more—>    ANTI-BULLYING


Thinglink project



My cranky contraption

My biggest obstacle was to glue the sponge with the wire to let it stable.

One thing I’d like to change is I can make the color more difficult.

My biggest success was that I made the wire not fall and not let the sponge break and fall. Also, I was able to make the person climb the mountain!

I am from by Chuck

Enjoy this…

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