Design: Candy Cat Contraption

Skills that I learned or developed were cutting and bending wires, and cutting woods with a saw. After I cut it, the wood was standing well, because last time I cut wood, it wasn’t standing well, but now, it’s standing.  Another skill I developed was cutting and bending wires. The first time I cut and bend the wires, it didn’t work out well. Because the wire wasn’t cut, the print of the plyer was still seen.  But after I cut, bend a lot of wires, I improved. I can cut the wire at once, and bend it with a plyer the way I want.

My biggest obstacle was drilling the hole into the wood. The first time I drilled a hole, it was broken and snapped inside, and I had to try again on the other side, but it was not straight. Drilling with no skills was hard because it had to be good to put in the wire.

Overall, I think this product was successful because this cranky contraption was showing very well about my sister. Because this is for my sister’s, it shows that she likes sweets and cats. And the idea was creative because, in one way, candy canes and cats don’t really match but this idea lets these two match!


Animal Abandonment: Second Life for Animals

Do you know what happens to the animals that are abandoned? There are lots of terrible events happening every day. Don’t you want to help them? There are already some people that are helping and rescuing animals, and those people are called teen activist! Some people believe that animals that are sent to any shelter will be safe, but that is not true. Many worse events can happen that is opposite of people’s mind. If you want to know more about abandoned animals and the people who are helping them, CHECK IT OUT!

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Early Humans and Us

This is my Early Humans and Us project. It is made in Thinglink and it has  information about diet changed overtime, and the relationship of diet and humans. There are information about diet in Early humans age, and Modern Humans age, like what they ate, what tools they used for eating , and how to get food. And also there are things what they did to the food. If you see this project you could know more information about diet.

Heat Preservation Cup by: Nicole & Dana

This is my cup insulator. It prevents heat loss, so it is good to drink hot drinks by this cup. The materials we used for the cup insulator is cotton, felt, and also velcro. Inside layer is cotton and the outside is the felt. After putting it around, we used velcro to connect it. To make the lid, we used tape, and plastic bottle. Inside the tape there is a piece of plastic bottle that is cut already.  To make the insulator, first we cut the felt into the size of the length of the cup. Then, we stick the velcro on each side of the edge. Then, we made a lid. To make a lid, we cut a plastic bottle into the shape of the rectangle. Then, we taped it on top and bottom of it to make the shape of a circle. I am proud of the cup insulator that we made because it prevented the heat loss. What I would do differently is that I would make a space to drink to let people drink easier. The hardest thing about this project is that making the exact length of the cup. And also, it was hard because there was a handle, so we had figure out how to fit it well. And it was hard to think about how we would prevent the heat transferring.


Precious Plastics- Plastic Bags #2

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success was the stripes on the plastic bag because it turned out pretty well.

One challenge was to find coloured bags to attach. There wasn’t many coloured bags.

This product is unsuccessful because I think it is not that organised. It means it doesn’t look organised like it isn’t ironed well.


Precious Plastic- Hard Plastic

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success was making a hole in the middle, and making the shape of letter ‘D’.

One challenge I overcome is making a hole in the middle of the letter ‘D’. First, I didn’t know what to do, but then I thought of an idea. I used the drill to make holes on the outline of the middle part and take the middle part out.

Overall, this product is quite successful because the shape came out well, like I wanted it to be.


Precious Plastic- Plastic Bag

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success was ironing the photo on the plastic bag. I didn’t know that it will work, but I tried it, and it worked, so I think it was the biggest success of this plastic bag.

One thing I’ll change is that I will add more decoration to make it more interesting! It could look boring to some people if I don’t add a lot of stuffs.

Overall, I think this product is successful because it looks more creative than the last product I made.

I Am From… Poem

This is my I Am From Poem. Enjoy!

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