This is my cup insulator. It prevents heat loss, so it is good to drink hot drinks by this cup. The materials we used for the cup insulator is cotton, felt, and also velcro. Inside layer is cotton and the outside is the felt. After putting it around, we used velcro to connect it. To make the lid, we used tape, and plastic bottle. Inside the tape there is a piece of plastic bottle that is cut already.  To make the insulator, first we cut the felt into the size of the length of the cup. Then, we stick the velcro on each side of the edge. Then, we made a lid. To make a lid, we cut a plastic bottle into the shape of the rectangle. Then, we taped it on top and bottom of it to make the shape of a circle. I am proud of the cup insulator that we made because it prevented the heat loss. What I would do differently is that I would make a space to drink to let people drink easier. The hardest thing about this project is that making the exact length of the cup. And also, it was hard because there was a handle, so we had figure out how to fit it well. And it was hard to think about how we would prevent the heat transferring.