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Animal Abandonment: Second Life for Animals

Do you know what happens to the animals that are abandoned? There are lots of terrible events happening every day. Don’t you want to help them? There are already some people that are helping and rescuing animals, and those people are called teen activist! Some people believe that animals that are sent to any shelter will be safe, but that is not true. Many worse events can happen that is opposite of people’s mind. If you want to know more about abandoned animals and the people who are helping them, CHECK IT OUT!

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Early Humans and Us

This is my Early Humans and Us project. It is made in Thinglink and it has  information about diet changed overtime, and the relationship of diet and humans. There are information about diet in Early humans age, and Modern Humans age, like what they ate, what tools they used for eating , and how to get food. And also there are things what they did to the food. If you see this project you could know more information about diet.

I Am From… Poem

This is my I Am From Poem. Enjoy!

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