cUp iNsUlAtOr

This is my cup insulator.

1. I am proud of the tinfoil on the inside because it insulates the heat well.

2. The hardest thing about making this cup was getting the felt and the wool inside lined up perfectly.

3. The quality was good because it doesn’t break when you drop it and it’s good.


I am from poem


This is my I am from poem we had to do in class


A water filter that isn’t completely finished

This is how it works, read it.

My design was to dig a hole, cut up a bunch of plastic cups into the shape of a bowl, then put seawater in the plastic bowls. cover the hole with your shirt. the sun will evaporate the seawater, leaving the salt behind. the seawater will be absorbed into your shirt. and you can use the salt for cooking.

so I’m not quite done with my model yet, because I can’t dig a hole in the lab, and I can’t exactly fill up the lab with soil. so I can’t do it.

anyway, that’s how it works.

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