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My cranky contraption

My biggest success for this project was using electronic tools to make the cranky contraption. This was my first time to use electronic tools to design things. My biggest obstacle was to make a hole in popsicle stick. Because when I was making a hole, it always crack the popsicle stick, so it was hard. One thing that I want to change to my cranky contraption is trim the roof top and longer wires, and also small amount of glues.

Ancient Mesopotamia simulation reflection


We did a simulation of Ancient Mesopotamia in a humanities class.

We divided into 5 groups. Our simulation was about to trade and make the richest society. We can trade materials with other groups. On the other hand, we have a secret mission. The secret mission was to make a catapult with all material that we trade and have. We also have jobs in each group. Jobs are building an architecture, making laws, making written language, and trade. When we are trading we must use our written language, we can’t talk and use our body. When we built a catapult, society wins.

During the activity, I had a trade job with another society. I used our written language to trade the materials that we don’t have, such as tapes and a plastic spoon. I didn’t use any talking with the other society member. It was a little difficult when we are not talking. However, I easily got the materials from Emily Cai’s group, because they had what we needed, and their group had what our society needed.

As a group, we divided the work easily by Jaslyn. She asked us what our society member liked. Our group member all most got what they wanted, for example, Bryan and Emily oh got the making laws, Judy got the architecture, Jaslyn got the written language, and I got the trade. We were all satisfied with the job we got.

Our biggest accomplishment was communication and collaboration. We communicate and discuss how we are going to do to these jobs. Even though the making laws group members were Emily and Bryan, we worked together to make as many ideas as we can, we collaborated well. So, we can make laws quickly than other society. Also, even though Jaslyn’s job was making written language to trade, our society members helped Jaslyn to gather ideas. Because gathering ideas I can more quickly get in to trade circle.

Our weakest point as a civilization was making laws. We quickly made laws by collaboration but there was a little problem. It was there were so many ideas that are the same. For example, I violence law but Bryan wrote violence already in the sheet of paper. So I need to think another idea but when I got another new idea, I saw Emily already wrote that idea, too. I think we had not enough interesting ideas that are really common.

If I could do this activity again, I would change the making an architecture to making wearing. I think making clothes is more interesting than making architecture. Also maybe give each table fewer materials than this time, because I think it will be challenging and fun.

Indus river valley civilation

In the 6-3 Humanities class, we had studied different civilization including Indus river valley civilization.  Our group had studied Indus river valley civilization for a long time, researching.   Then our group had collaboratively written a script. We had much trouble about that but we, fortunately, had finished the script and finish our project.  We had learned lots of information  about Indus river valley especially about their measurement skills.

Modern human and early human technology

This is my thinglink for early human and modern human technology. In my thinglink I included pictures to show the tools and paragraphs also infographic for the definition for how had early humans influenced modern humans. I think the most important tools that influenced our life is fire.

penguin design and cup insulator

Our first try fails, it lost 15 celsius, but on second try we used one more layer of aluminium foil. Then we lost 10 celsius, it was successful. Then we add neoprene. When we had the third time, our heat lost 7 celsius. Our hardest thing to do is to decide the materials that we will use it. Sometimes we have different ideas like when I said mylar my partner think we need to use bubble wrap. We used these items because these materials can all keep the transfer of heat or cool. They are an insulator and it is a poor conductor. the main material that we use is mylar. I think the most keep warm material is mylar. The quality of this cup is not bad, there is too thick.  I want to change the lid because there are too many pieces of cotton I will make a fence surrounding the cotton and aluminum foil.


day 2 save the penguins

I think the ice is melting and the penguins loses their habitats because of human beings.

Human beings uses too many electricity and too much transportation that has exhaust fumes. They do no use bicycle, they usually use cars and motorcycle even though the distance to our destination is close. And the world is too developed. Exhaust fumes can cause global warming more harder. Many country wants to block global warming, so many cars invented electronic cars. Lets save the penguins. Their habitats that is South pole is meting

I am from The Comic books and Clarinet

I had made a poem from Humanities class. We looked from example from other people’s poem. Then we edit dome figurative languages to make my poem wonderful. After that we record them and edit some of background music. At last we made my wonderful poem done.

Happy middle school



This is my new middle school. First, when I came here I am nervous , because the school was too big. I was worrying about I am going to get lost. But, when I have many friends I am exited and happy. The school project and activities are fun, too

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