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Day One Mesopotamia Simulation Reflection

Day One Mesopotamia Simulation Reflection


Today during humanities, we did a simulation about Ancient Mesopotamia. The simulation was split into 5 teams. Each team had to finish 4 tasks before making the secret invention. My team decided that Sophia and I would start working on the written languages while Steven and Sayi were working on writing laws. Sophia and I finished early so Sophia starting working on “building” a temple while I was working on trading in the trading circle. I kept trading until our group didn’t have extra resources. We had most of the supplies, but we were still missing two resources: tape and a rubber band. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the secret invention, but the secret invention was the catapult. Ms.Shannon said that the catapult was important in the ancient days because that’s how you can conquer other countries and steal their resources. My job in my group was mostly trading resources and also drawing the written language.

I think our biggest accomplishment was being able to find most of the resources even though we didn’t have a lot of resources. I also think that the weakest point of our civilization was not being able to have a lot of natural resources to trade with but this is the reality.

If I could change this simulation, I would change my basket of resources with another team basket with a lot of resources to use and trade.

Ancient Egypt Medicine

Sophia, Nina, I got put into a group together to research about Ancient Egypt. We chose an achievement which was medicine. Sophia and Nina wanted to animate their character so they did. Sophia animated her character by drawing and Nina animated her character with a website called Animaker and then, they both voiced over their own characters. I wanted to animate and be on screen so I was me on the screen but I animated and voiced over this swnw(ancient doctor) that we interviewed. I hope you like this video.

One Day : Positive Moments



On One Day, I am going to work with Reina. We are planning to make a calendar with a photograph with quotes. The quotes and the month name are going to be written in calligraphy. The photographs are going to be taken by us two around the school or/and Google. The quotes will be also related to the month and the quotes will be inspiring.

Finished Product:

Reina and I are really proud of how our finished product turned out. I think we did well on designing our calendars and I learned that making calendars are not easy like I thought. It was difficult to find pictures because there weren’t a lot of pictures that we liked in the section where we can reuse the pictures.
I think One Day was really important because for One day you don’t have classes and you can have so much freedom doing something you like and want to do.

Evolution Of Diet

In this unit, we learned about early humans. We were separated into three groups. The first group was community with Ms.Shannon, the second group was technology with Mr. Hinton, and the last group was diet. I got put into diet so, I had to only research about what early humans ate and what modern humans eat now. We had to use noodletools to cite the websites that we used. We used thinglink and put our early human and modern human’s paragraph, our early human and modern human timeline, our early human and modern human infographic, we also had to put the websites that we used, last but not least, we had to put four primary sources, two for each.

Survival Sock

It’s a Piece of Cake

How do I feel about Middle School? It’s a piece of cake!


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