In class, Miss Shannon had us choose our early civilization groups randomly. Once we were in our groups, we had to split into two groups. After that, we had to plan what topic we were going to cover in our video. We chose the rubber after we chose our topic, we planned out how we were going to make the video. We decided to make our video using imovie and videoscribe. We also had to get a tripod and an iPad. Later on, we started to film our video, we filmed our minor injuries part of the video and got it in more than 6 tries. The next day we filmed the sacrifice part of the video. After that, we started to use video scribe and started tp put the video together. Hanna used imovie and I used garage band to compose a piece of music that we were going play in the background of the video while Alina was recording her part in the recording booth then Hanna went to record her pat then I went to record my part. Finally, after we finished putting the video together, we uploaded it onto dragons tube and our blogs.

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

During this activity, our class split into five groups and worked on a simulation in which we had to develop a written language, architecture, laws, and also materials needed to build a secret weapon to concur all the other civilization groups.

During the simulation, I personally wrote the trade symbols, and helped a little bit with the trading. As a group, we divided the work load by having Arthur and Kiss build the temple, having Linda writing the written language, having Eugene writing the laws and punishments if the law was broken, and having me write the trading symbols and helping with the laws after I was finished making the trading symbols.

Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization wasn’t really a big accomplishment, it was only finishing our trading symbols because it helped us a lot when we needed to trade. Our weakest point as a civilization was writing our laws and punishments because we couldn’t come up with enough laws or punishments, we only came up with around 3 laws and punishments.

If I could do this activity again, I would change the jobs that some people were doing like having Linda coming up with the laws instead of Eugene because Eugene said that he can’t think of any laws or punishments. I would also have Eugene write the trading symbols because that is an easier job. I would keep Arthur and Kiss doing the architecture because they made very good progress when we were doing the simulation. I would write the written language and help trade for our group.

Early Humans and Us – Technology

In humanities, we studied early humans and we split into 3 groups. I go split into the technology group and I decided to focus on clothing. After we finished researching on our topic, we put together a thinglink.  Here is my finished product down below.

Sprite Bottle Water Filter (Deserted Island)