"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.": Helen Keller

Grade 6 Mentor Tripppppppp:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Wednesday, May 22 through 24th, the six grade classes from 6-1 to 6-4 went on a mentor trip together in Shi Men Shan Park.  We were split in to different groups between the classes and gender to create a civilizations. Our group members were, Christina, Gracie, Jade, Freda, Xiatian, Nick, Alex, Ryan and Jett. Our civilization was in my opinion the most interesting one. We were the first group to started the ink and the swing, the process was not easy. We learnt about how to make fire and cooking dinner on the fire we made. The most challenging part of the trip was trading, some groups needed some things that we have but we need it, and the things that we needed may cause a conflict between the groups. What I enjoyed the most of the trip was the hike in the morning, the views were so beautiful.

My suggestion for the next group it to wake up early in the morning to g o to the morning hike, although it is tiring, but the views are awesome!



我们的小组合作还可以,我们没有争执太多,只是互相责怪。在练习的时候会笑场,让后就会责怪对方。其他时候,除了这不要互相责怪的话我们还可以加快速度。我们的字数还差点,所以没有拿到ME。还好我们聪明,重复两遍,不然差更多。最后在展示的时候,我们我们小组所有人都笑场了,我,陈薇薇, 还有刘蕰轩都唱得太小声了,到同学们提建议的时候他们也说了这个问题。下了场之后,小组内讧,互相责怪。这就是我们真正该反思的地方。

Mesopotamia Simulation

During humanities class, we did a Mesopotamia simulation. We split into different groups and the first group that finishes it, won the challenge. There are trading, written language, temple, laws and top secret invention. Takumi worked on the written language, George worked on the laws, Angel worked on the temple and I worked on the trading.  Our group has lots of natural resources which helps us so that we don’t need to trade for lots of things . The hard parts is when you are not allowed to talk, and you have to show your written language to show others what you need and see if they need yours. If they need your then you can trade straight away, but if they have the things that you needed then you would have to change with others then go back the person and change. If I have another chance of doing this than I will swap quickly and only swap with the things that you needed so that when others needed yours just don’t change it with them unless if you need that one.


One Day- Teacher For a Day

Yesterday was one day for the middle schoolers. We had to choose which activity we wanted to do, so I did a teacher for a day. Me, Alina, Hanna, Bryan taught the second graders for one day. We did Chinese New Year activities, reading, science experiments and more. We actually survived for the day!

Silk: One of China’s Proudest Invention

This is a video that I created with Angel and Lia during the previous lessons in Humanities. We worked on Ancient China and the invention of silk. Needles to say, silk is one of the most important invention of Ancient China. I hope you enjoy.

Early Human and Modern Human’s Diet

We learnt about early humans during humanities. At the end, we decided to split the class and some of us went to another class with Mr. Hinton or Ms. Krista. So that we can study specifically about community, diet or technology. I went to Ms. Krista’s class to study about the differences between our diet and the early humans’ diet. The thinglink below shows my work and my thinking of the differences.

I Am From Love and Sunshine

This is a poem that we wrote during Humanities class about where I’m from. We started by listing things that are important to us. Then we wrote the poem and shared it out to the class. At last, we chose pictures from Storybird and recorded the poems on iMovie. We spent 4-5 days to finish this final project and we worked really hard.



Middle school is fun, exciting and cool, but very tiring. I like middle school, like the baby. Although he will be tired by smiling all the time.




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