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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

During the activity, I personally wrote the law and helped to design the architecture. As a group, we divided the workload up by what each person is good and as fast. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was teamwork. I think our team divided our works equally which matched the person working. I don’t think our team had any weakest point. If I could this simulation again, I would change to help Judy more for working architecture because she was stuck working on that.


These are the photos I took on OneDay. These are my top3 that I like. We went to village and river to take this photos.

Q: What did you do well? What did you learn?

A: I did well on being on task. I did what I need to do, and I took a lot of photos. I learned more how to experience  and take photos in outside.

Q:What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

A: I faced the challenge of cold. We all overcome by resting in the place where it is warm. We also ate dumplings and foods while resting.

Q:Why is OneDay important?

A: I think OneDay is important because we can experience more things that we never experienced before. We can also learn new things that we can use in the future.

Ancient China- Akina, Emily oh&Kiss

This is video is about Ancient China and one of it’s most important achievement: Tea. This video teaches the foundation of tea, the uses of tea and how are ancient Chinese people’s culture related to tea.

One Day

Q1:I chose photography for my One Day Activity. I chose this activity because I am in Yearbook Photography for my enrichment, and I like to take and see photos. I like to collect the photos I took. They make me feel big which means they give me courage.

Q2:I hope to learn more different skills that are different from what we do in my enrichment. I want to try taking more pictures which are related to nature because we are going to more places that are filled with them


My Hallway

Early and modern human’s community

This is my thing link that we did on humanities!
I studied early and modern human’s community and sorted my timeline, paragraph, primary source, and citation into my Thinglink.

Penguin Project/Insulator cup Design

I am proud of my insulator cup design. I am proud of it because the insulator was preventing heat loss and I also liked the design of it. However, I would like to change the part of the cap because it kind of is not attached to the cup. The hardest thing in this project was that me and Gracie had to really think about where to put the velcro. Because it has to stick and open, it was hard to choose a place to place the velcro. I think the quality of the cup is pretty high. That’s because the front design is pretty, and also it is easy to use, which means that it is easy to take it off and put it back in. In this project, I learned how to design a model a cup and more about thermal energy.

Purifying Water

Roller coaster

Middle school is fun like roller coasters!!


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