"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be." -Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

I am From Memories and Mistakes

My class made ‘Where I’m From’ poems in Humanities. First, we had to brainstorm ideas by making lists of things and people that are special to us, then, we picked the most interesting or important details to us to add into our poems. For this video, I used StoryBird for the visuals, and IMovie for the recording, music and editing. After four days of working on my poem, this was the final product.

Our project was to try and design a water purifier, with only materials we might find on a deserted island, and our imagination and creativity.

Literary Essay #2

Anything could change the future of your situation. In ‘Fly Away Home’ Andrew and his dad live in an airport, but to do so they need to take cautions, even if it seems useless. You should motivate yourself in the worst of times because it could be the one thing that makes you work harder and succeed. Andrew’s dad makes Andrew go to school and will not let him procrastinate even when they are in such hard times. If you don’t think you should do something JUST because it seems small and unimportant think again, because that choice could change everything.

Early in the story Andrew explains his tactics to living in the airport, including how his dad and him take cautions. An example of this is that Andrew talks about how his dad and him move from terminal to terminal everyday just so they won’t be caught. If they hadn’t moved around and just sat down and been lazy they would’ve been caught and escorted out of the airport to live in the streets instead, just as two other people living in the airport, Mr. Vail and Mr. Slocum. This shows that you need to try your best and make an effort if you want to succeed.

Later on in the story Andrew notices a bird that is stuck inside the airport, and is trying to ‘escape’. He tells the bird to never give up, and eventually the bird finally got out, and as Andrew said, “Though I couldn’t hear it, I knew it was singing.”. Even though motivating yourself seems like it is just saying a bunch of words, it could make you work harder to succeed. If you don’t motivate yourself how will you rise from the worst times? If you don’t motivate yourself it could be the weakness of your success.

Near the end of the story Andrew’s dad thinks Andrew should go to school, even though Mrs. Medina (Andrew’s friend’s mom) thinks he should put it off until later. But Andrew’s dad would not let Andrew procrastinate his learning, and he says that they will find a way to make it work. Even though they didn’t have much money Andrew’s dad didn’t let Andrew fall behind in his learning anymore than he already might have. Andrew’s dad only want the best for his son, including a better future. You can’t just procrastinate on something when it’s hard. You need to keep trying to keep up, even when it’s hard. Procrastination on your work will just stop you from succeeding in what you really enjoy. Even if you only wait for a day to do what you need to do it can still come back to bite you.

Even the smallest things can change a lot. When things are bad you need to make a n effort to make things better, and if that doesn’t work out immediately just keep motivating yourself and never give up. Don’t put things for later when you can do them now. Even one mistake can change everything if you don’t act to make it better.

Literary Essay on Loneliness

Some people believe that being lonely is bad, and shows you cannot be liked. These people would be partially correct, because if you don’t go about it the right way and just always feel sad you won’t enjoy your independance, or you wom’t make friends. Loneliness is only a small part of friendship. If you are not a bit lonely how will you tell if your friends like you for you or for your status? Being lonely can branch off into being disliked, then people may think of you as someone not to be talked to. Or it could branch off into being ‘tested’, to see how trustable you are and if you would fit in with the rest. On that same note something that makes you sad can bring you happiness in the end as well. You may feel lonely, but if you go about it the right way you’ll notice it’s just a part of friendship.

In “In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson” the main character, Shirley Temple Wong, arrives in the USA from China. The other children in her new school are kind and friendly at first but end up ditching her and leaving her to be lonely the next day. But when Mabel punches Shirley and Shirley doesn’t tell on her they become friends. Really, Shirley was being tested. Tested to see how trustable she really was, and tested to see how much she would really fit in. If Shirley had tattled then Mabel and her would never be friends, and she would be lonely still. She would probably even be thought of as an enemy. But she made the right choice, and chose her new path. Shirley’s whole friendship with Mabel relied on one choice, even when friends and enemies seem like they are total opposites, it was just one choice that changed the whole relationship between Mabel and Shirley.

Later on in the story a new kid arrives at school, by the name of Emily Levy. Shirley notices a similarity between Emily and her old best companion, Fourth Cousin. Remembering Fourth Cousin, being such a dear friend to Shirley, must’ve made her feel a bit sad, but still she decided to be friends with Emily, probably because of the similarities between her and Fourth Cousin. Her friendship with Emily made her feel happy, even though the memories of her family sometimes made her feel sad. She didn’t let her sadness make her miss out on her new found happiness from her friendship with Emily. If you let sadness overwhelm you then you will miss out on all the chances that could take you far in life. If you miss out on new chances that even you know you will enjoy the only person losing will be you. Sadness is like a pit of deep water. If you keep letting it drown you there is no way you’ll get out. The deeper you fall into the pit the harder it will be to get out.

Near the end of the story, when Shirley’s class learn that Jackie Robinson is going to be visiting their school, Emily, the representative, turns down the honor of personally meeting Jackie Robinson and passes it to Shirley. Shirley tries to turn down Emily’s offer but since Emily knew how much Shirley liked baseball and stickball Shirley can’t. Emily wasn’t doing it because she was afraid or nervous (even though she probably was), she was doing it because she was a good friend. Shirley did not think she was worthy of Emily’s kindness, even though no one thought so too. So Shirley was lonely, but not in the normal way. She did not spend her time thinking about how to make friends, but instead thought of how she was unworthy of her friend’s kindness. She was alone in her opinion that she was unworthy, but this loneliness only made her realize how much her friends really care about her. Emily, kindhearted, and Mabel, the smartest about baseball, both Shirley’s friends, believed Shirley was worthy. They believed even when Shirley didn’t.

Friendship cannot exist without loneliness. If all people had loads and loads of friends there would be no difference between people and friends. They would all just be people. A world without loneliness is a world that has no true friends. You would never know if someone liked you for you or your status. Loneliness is an essential part of life, whether anyone likes it or not.

Literary Essay #1

In the story of ‘All-Ball’, the girl’s dad is going to Korea, so when she gets the last fifty cents from him before he goes on his one year trip she decides to spend it wisely. In the end she actually starts a strange relation with a ball. To her, that ball could be her most valued possession, which goes to show that anything can have value, if you look at it the right way. From your parents, who are mostly very important, to a cheap rubber ball.

In the beginning of ‘All-Ball’, the girl’s dad is going to Korea for one year. She cries a lot, and starts to try and store memories of her dad, by remembering even the simplest of things. The girl cared very much about her dad, and feared the worst about when he is gone. Parents have a very important part to play in a child’s life story, even children without them are affected by the absence of parental guidance. Parents are very ‘valuable’ to children, and are the people who mold them to be who they are in the end. When the main character gets the ball, it is not viewed that she loves her parents as much as a ball, but that she loves a ball as much as her parents.

Later on in the story the girl gets fifty cents, and she buys the perfect ball. She thinks, “This is the most precious fifty cents I will ever spend.” When she buys the ball, she names ‘him’ All-Ball. All-Ball becomes apart of the family, if not part of HER family. She creates story to the bounce of his rubber, and is so valuable he could distract her from the sorrow of her dad leaving. All-Ball is like a new addition to the family for her, and as if he were her new baby brother, she sleeps with him, and he makes her feel happy. And, as All-Ball is part of her family now, he has just the same value as anyone else in her family.

Near the end of the story, a dog comes by as All-Ball and the girl are taking a walk, (or for All-Ball a bounce) and during a bounce, the dog bites All-Ball and chews him to pieces. The girl screamed and shrieked as if her human family was being eaten alive, and all the neighbors came out to see the problem. While she walked home she held all of All-Ball’s pieces in her hands, and when she GOT home she went into mourning. During her ‘mourning’ she even states her mother had the DECENCY to make everyone leave her alone. This shows that she really was devastated, and possibly traumatized. In her sorrow she even slept with the pieces of All-Ball, as she used to back when he was whole. As the story is written like the girl was looking into her memories, she says that whenever she remembers All-Ball she becomes very sad, which REALLY shows that he was almost everything to her in the small glimpse of her life he was still around.

The story All-Ball can show that, from a certain view, anything can be important, and have value. Even though she can come off as weird, ignorant, or anything else, her heart was still in the right place. She shows that the price doesn’t represent the prize.

Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child


Charlie C. Cooper is forced to befriend the most bullied, friendless, hopeless, laughed at, lonely girl in her class because she played a really messed up prank. She tried to put laxatives in her enemy’s lunch, but the schedule had changed and she ended up feeding the laxatives to the kindergarteners. She confessed for doing it and had to go to a shrink and read ‘Therapy’ books for her whole summer. Now Charlie has found the most bullied girl… Marta. After a flash of conscience when talking to her friend Jai she decides to make her role models her overachieving older sister, Penelope, and Mother Teresa. She decides to become friends with Marta, and become a changed for the good person.


Charlie C. Cooper is sandwiched between an overachieving big sister, Penelope, and a cute younger brother, Felix. She USED to like to hack computers, be a fashion master, and be the finest prankster her school has ever seen, but now since she played an over the top revenge prank she needs to change her attitude and befriend the loneliest girl in class. She still is a fashion master, but her new role models are her kind-to-strangers sister and Mother Teresa. She is a new changed person.


I have a connection with Charlie because I am also a middle child with a ‘cute’ (not really) little brother and an older brother too. My little brother also likes playing ball.


I think the theme is that sometimes, people can change. Or that the worst people may have a backstory.

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince


Harry Potter (now the Chosen One) goes back to Hogwarts in his sixth year, and learns about Voldemort’s past, AKA Tom Riddle’s life, in classes with Dumbledore. With help from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince’s potion’s book he passes through potions with amazing grades. One day (more like NIGHT!) Dumbledore sends an urgent message for Harry to quickly arrive in his office to help him getting a Horcrux. They go to the cave which the Horcrux (a locket) is hidden, and Dumbledore faces death after drinking the potion from the cauldron which the locket is in and Harry apparates back to Hogsmeade with him, to find that a dark mark had been placed above the astronomy tower. Harry and Dumbledore travel to the astronomy tower, where Dumbledore is killed by Snape, the Half-Blood Prince. The students of Hogwarts go to Dumbledore’s funeral, and Harry finds out the Horcrux was fake, and may have been already destroyed by R.A.B.


The most interesting character to me was the Half-Blood Prince, AKA Severus Snape. Snape was Harry’s enemy, someone he hated as much as Voldemort himself. Though Harry enjoyed the help of the Half-Blood Prince, he hated him when he found out he was Snape, Dumbledore’s Killer. Snape is a strict person who is usually bias about Gryffindor, or just Harry, but he has an interesting backstory including James, Harry’s Dad, and Lily, Harry’s Mom.


My Text to Text connection is between ‘Dead Funny’ and this book. The reason why is that in ‘Dead Funny’ everyone believes someone is the killer, but it turns out to be someone who they trusted, but in this story, Harry doesn’t really trust Snape but Dumbledore does, and he dies in the end from Snape.


I think the theme of this story is that some people are not what they seem, or that sometimes the wisest make mistakes and are wrong.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Harry’s name is called out of the Goblet of Fire as a FOURTH champion in the TRIwizard Tournament. Ron (who is jealous) thinks Harry is obsessed with fame, even though he didn’t want to become famous in the first place. Harry needs to pass a Dragon (a Hungarian Horntail), save his friend, Ron (after they make up), from some very violent merpeople, and pass through a maze that has Screwts, giant spiders and magic (dangerous) mist. In the end it turns out someone was planning for Harry to win because of a plot they have….


My character is Percy “Weatherby” Weasley (Ron’s brother). He is obsessed with rules and having order, so much so that it seems he might like WORK more than his family! He is almost the exact opposite of Fred and George, as they like pranks and practical jokes, and don’t care about breaking the rules. Proof that Percy does care for his family is when Harry pulls Ron (and Gabrielle, other Triwizard champion, Fleur Delacour’s sister) out of the lake Percy runs up to meet them.


My connection is from a Greek story. In the story (which I don’t know the name of) there are merpeople, but instead of the beautiful creatures that are half fish half human, there are creatures that screech and have hair like seaweed and dark green skin.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Harry learns that Sirius Black, a prisoner in Azkaban, is out to get him while he is on the Knight Bus. He wants to go to Hogsmeade, but he isn’t allowed because his guardian(s) (Mr and Mrs Dursley) never signed his form. Harry still sneaks off to Hogsmeade using the Mauruders map, which shows him many secret passages he can take. One day, when he, Hermione, and Ron sneak off to see Hagrid before Buckbeak is executed. When they pass the Whomping Willow Sirius brings Ron down to the Shrieking Shack, and Harry and Hermione follow. Sirius Black and Professor Lupin explain the whole story, about how Sirius is innocent (and how Lupin is a werewolf) to the group. Then, when Professor Lupin turns into his wolf self, Sirius is caught and brought to get the Dementor’s Kiss. Harry and Hermione (but Ron’s leg is broken) go back in time to save Buckbeak and Sirius, and Sirius and Buckbeak go in hiding.


Sirius Black is a convicted murderer for killing 13 people in one spell, and even though he is innocent, he goes to (and escapes from) Azkaban. He is a loyal friend, and he was or is smart, but sometimes if he has a good reason driving him to do so, he is violent.


My connection is Mirabella from The Spindlers, or Dustfinger from Inkheart, because they seem like nice people on your team, so they are least suspected, like Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew or Wormtail), who was actually working for Lord Voldemort.

Baking BANANA BREAD – Three Things I learned

I learned that if you add the right ingredients, even your least favorite food can taste delicious!  Also, I learned that if you want to make a food faster, you need to use equivalent fractions, like instead of pouring 1/4, 1/4, and another 1/4 cup of flour, you can do 1/2 a cup and 1/4 a cup. Another thing I didn’t know before is that sometimes you can replace some ingredients with other, more better items, like honey instead of plain sugar!

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